"Who being THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY, and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He by Himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high." -- Hebrews 1:3




TO GOD BE THE GLORY! I wish to dedicate this book in loving memory of my parents Elgie and Ruth (Smith) Moore who brought me up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, who taught me how to pray, trust God, believe His Word, and live a Holy life.

Without their Godly example and encouragement this book could never have been written.


I wish to express my deep appreciation to my husband, Rev. Howard E. Wright, and many friends and loved ones who have been so helpful and encouraged me in my efforts to write this book. A special thank you to Charlotte E. Pitts for proof reading my manuscript. Also, a special thank you to Dr. Norman W. Bloom for writing the introduction.


Mrs. Arlene R. Wright was ordained in the same service with her husband in 1971 in Minnesota. Together they have served the Lord and the church faithfully, lovingly and sacrificially.

Her ministry has varied, supportive and always Scripturally sound. In small towns, on the Indian reservation, in the hospital, in the store and in the church she has been an inspiration, a soul winner, a friend, a prayer warrior, a woman of deep Christian faith. Now, through the printed page, each of us can learn about courage, answered prayer, trust, patience, healing, giving and other necessary facets to better walk before our Lord. Pathos and humor, love and hurt, hanging on and moving forward, service and being served, illness and health, sorrows and victories, marriage and family, daily living and almost dying, hospitals and city parks so many human emotions are covered in this book. Her motive is to lift up Christ who was and is her sufficiency. Read the pages, live the family experiences, and learn to trust and be victorious with the writer. The faith she portrays is worthy of our prayerful practice.

Dr. Norman W. Bloom

One who has learned from her example

The Table of Contents

DEDICATION ...........…………………………………............................ 1

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ..........…………………………..................... 1

INTRODUCTION ..................................... 2

THE TABLE OF CONTENTS ...........…………………………............... 2

THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY ...................... 4

PREFACE ..............................……………………..………………........... 6

WINDOW (1) GOD'S PLAN ............................ 6

GOD'S PLAN .......................…………………………………….............. 8

WINDOW (2) MY MASTER ............................. 9

MY MASTER ......................……………………………………….......... 10

WINDOW (3) THE SCAR .............................. 12


THE SCAR ......................................... 15

WINDOW (4) A LUMP OF CLAY ............………………………......... 17

A LUMP OF CLAY ................................... 19


I LOVE TO TALK TO YOU, DEAR LORD ................. 23

WINDOW (6) JUST TO KNOW ...........………………………............. 24

JUST TO KNOW ..................................... 25

WINDOW (7) WHAT IS SUCCESS? .……………………................... 27

WHAT IS SUCCESS? ................................. 28

WINDOWS (8) UNTIL HEAVEN ...................………………………... 29

UNTIL HEAVEN ..................................... 30

WINDOW (9) WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE KING ........…………... 31

WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE KING ...................... 33

WINDOW (10) HE'S ABLE ...................…………………..………....... 35

HE'S ABLE ........................................ 37

WINDOW (11) THE GREATEST THRILL .......………….……........... 38

THE GREATEST THRILL .............................. 40

WINDOW (12) ME A MISSIONARY, LORD? ....……………............ 41

ME A MISSIONARY, LORD? ........................... 45

WINDOW (13) SECURITY ...........…………………………......…........ 47

SECURITY ......................................... 48

WINDOW (14) WHY? .......……………………………............…......... 50

WHY? ............................................. 51

WINDOW (15) OUR GOD KNOWS! .........………………….….......... 52

OUR GOD KNOWS! ................................... 53


YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW .................... 56

EPILOG .......……………………………………...........................…....... 57

GOD ONLY TAKES THE BEST .......................... 60



In midnight's darkest hour,

When our body is filled with pain,

Let's see the Brightness of His Glory,

For He suffered for our gain.

When our temperature is raging,

And for water we would cry,

Let's think how Jesus cried "I Thirst,"

And gave Himself to die.

'Tis the saddest of all pictures

His dying on that tree,

But it was the Brightness of His Glory--

He paid the price for you and me.

His purpose was to redeem the world,

That's why He came to die.

He poured His blood upon the cross,

To save and sanctify.

Then Satan said so proudly,

Well, that's the end of Salvation' plan!"

But, no, just the fulfillment,

He died to redeem each man.

In the Brightness of His Glory,

He arose from death's cold sway

To live and reign forever,

A great TRIUMPANT day.

And so because He suffered

Heartaches and troubles sore,

He knows just how you're feeling.

He has plenty of grace in store.

When cares and trials come our way,

To the Master we must go.

You can feel His very presence,

His peace will fill you so.

It has been the Brightness of His Glory,

That has thrilled my heart so much.

It's just filled me through and through,

It's so sweet to feel His touch.

There's a wonderful day ahead,

For you and me, my friend,

When this our earthly race is run,

And we've endured until the end.

It's there we'll really see Him,

Our Savior, Master, Guide.

He's walked the path before us,

And He's always at our side.

It's now through a glass darkly,

But then we'll really see,

The Brightness of His Glory,

Through all eternity.

We'll see the mansions He's prepared--

Our robes of purest white.

But all we'll do is praise Him,

Who has kept us with His might.

We must never cease to tell it,

God's sweet and loving story,

How Jesus bled and died for all,


by Arlene R. Wright


In the summer of 1971, I faced a surgery in the which I was to have a tumor removed from my pituitary gland. It was pressing on my optic nerves, and causing me to lose some of my sight. At that time my husband, Rev. Howard E. Wright from Brazil, Indiana, was pastoring the Church of the Nazarene in Olivia, Minnesota. This was about 100 miles from Minneapolis where I had the surgery.

As I read my Bible during those days, just before my surgery, I read the words "THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY" from Hebrews 1:3. These words stayed with me and although my thinking was not too clear at the time, they burned their way into my soul. Later I could not remember where I heard them or read them. During those days, before and after my surgery, I fully realized the marvelous BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY. We had walked through the valley of the shadow of death together, but all I saw was His Glory. As I felt His presence He reassured me I would live through the surgery and continue to serve Him. It has now been over 20 years, and I am still seeing His glorious GLORY as we are walking together.

At the present time my husband is the pastor of the Yates Center church of the Nazarene in Yates Center, Kansas where I am the associate pastor. God has honored me by allowing me to be an ordained elder in the Church Of The Nazarene. It is a great thrill to stand behind the pulpit and preach God's Holy Word. My earnest prayer is that God will take this humble work, and make it a blessing to your heart. Through these pages may you see THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY.

Window (1) GOD'S PLAN

My parents, Elgie and Ruth Moore, were very busy with the family wash on a special day in July, the 4th. God had already blessed their home with two sons. Glen, age 6 and Dick, who was 4. It was common knowledge that any day the Moore were going to have another little Moore. Well, this did turn out to be a special day for that looked for baby decided it would be a good day to declare its independence.

My excited Dad made his way to a neighbor's home to call the doctor. However, he was out celebrating the big day and could not be reached. Abbotsford, Wisconsin, where my folks lived, wasn't a very big town, but they did have another doctor whom Dad called. When he had examined my mother he realized it was going to be a very difficult breach birth. Thankfully, he had seen Mom's doctor coming in to town as he was coming to our home, so Mom's doctor was called along with a nurse. There were many times it looked like neither mother nor baby would make it. But you see God had some special plans and mother and baby both lived.

My parents named me Arlene Ruth--Ruth being my mother's first name. My brothers weren't sure how they would like a little sister, but they accepted me very well. My weigh at birth was 9 pounds, and by the time I was 2 years old I was rather pudgy. But I was loved and was part of a very happy family. How would you like to be named PUDGY for the rest of your life? Well, I got used to it and it was my folks' pet name for me from then on, even after I lost my pudginess.

The home into which I was born was a very rich home, not in earthly goods, but in the things of God. Being taught how to pray around an old fashioned family altar enabled me to get through some very hard times. Much was accomplished as we knelt together there. How I praise God for Godly parents who brought us up for the Lord; where prayer and Bible reading were as regular as our meals; where God was first and His guidance was sought daily.

My childhood was plagued with pneumonia every winter my first 6 years, once with double pneumonia. Another year I had whooping cough, and once I was put into the hospital almost in the stage of convulsions. Many times I was very close to death, but God had plans for my life. Even in these early years I learned the power of prayer as my Godly parents lovingly cared for me.

My Dad farmed the first seven years of my life, and we moved around quite a bit in different parts of the state of Wisconsin. While living near Pittsville, God sent us a little sister, who was named Bernadine Doris. She was premature and only weighed four pounds and three ounces.

The same year my brother Dick became ill and complained of a pain in his leg. Dad called the Doctor who told him Dick had flu and rheumatism, and advised them to put Epsom salt packs on his leg. This only made him worse and on Christmas day Dad called a doctor from Marshfield to come and see him. We were told that he had Osteomyelitis, which is infection of the marrow of the bone. Dick had surgery the following day. In order to be close to Dick we moved into Marshfield. This was the first of sixteen surgeries he had in his life time.

In the spring of 1936, I developed an earache. The doctor gave Mom drops to put in my ear. One day as she did this I screamed, because of the pain. That afternoon they took me to the doctor and he told them I needed a mastoid operation the following morning. After putting me in the hospital they went home to pray. Dick was still very ill with his leg, and there seemed to be no end to trouble.

They knelt by the daybed and asked God to give them something to comfort their hearts. The Bible opened to John 14, "Let not your heart be troubled ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am ye may be also." This was a great comfort to them and they were assured that God would be in control throughout the surgery. He was and I came through fine.

Again God had His hand on my life, and I began to see the Brightness of His Glory.

It was while we lived in Marshfield that Dick came home from the University of Wisconsin Hospital with a cast from his waist to his toes on his bad leg and to his hip on the other. He had to grow a new bone from his hip to his knee on his affected leg. One of our cousins put his name on a radio station in Madison in hopes some people would write him. I will never forget the bags of letters, cards, and packages that came. It was a hot summer and his foot inside the cast would itch. Mom used wire carefully wrapped with cotton to run between the cast and his foot. This did help some. It didn't matter what pain he was going through, he never complained. God was always at his side to comfort and strengthen him.

In 1937, while our family attended a funeral of one of our cousins in Mason City, Iowa, Dad found employment in a cement plant. These were depression days and work was hard to get. Dad found a small apartment in a house in northern Mason City, and we moved to Iowa. Dick was in the hospital most of that year and Glen stayed the first year with our Aunt Came, Mom's sister. It was not an easy move for any of us, but I am sure it was in God's will. This proved to be part of God's plan for our lives. We can always trust in God's judgment for He doesn't make mistakes. We can never improve on His plans for our life.


Men have said within their hearts,

There is no God for me.

But God has from the very start,

Had a plan for me.

Why He led the way

He did is not for me to see.

He knows just why it should be hid,

And that's enough for me.

That He has bid me go,

But He goes with me everyday,

And burdens lighter grow.

I have found such peace and rest;

It is sweeter every day.

To let Him have His way.

If the pathway is so dark,

The Lord I cannot see,

I will tell the devil, "Look,

The Lord's I'll always Be".

When at the pearly gates I stand,

And lay my burdens down,

I shall forever join God's band,

And then receive a crown.

What if my burden seem at times

To almost weigh me down?

I know that victory will be mine,

And I will wear its crown.

by Arlene R. Wright

Window (2) MY MASTER

Our father had no religious training in his home. His mother died when he was 6 years old and soon his father went to California. When he was 11 years old he had to go to work as a farm hand. He used to tell us how he would stay in the upstairs of the farm house and sometimes the siding of the house wasn't very good and snow would blow in between the boards. Of course, he was homesick and missed his family very much. Because he had to work in the fields late in the fall and early in the spring; his education was limited.

When Mom and Dad met, Dad used Jesus name in vain very often. But after he found the Lord he never ever used God's name in vain again, only glorified and praised Him. He had a sister, Sadie, who was a beautiful Christian, and she had quite an influence on his life. She got to know Mom's parents and took Dad with her to meet them.

Mom was from a Christian home and her parents were members of the Free Methodist church. She was the niece of Rev. David S. Reed, who was the District Superintendent of the San Francisco District in the Church of the Nazarene. At that time it included two thirds of California and all of the state of Nevada. He was also a good friend of H. Orton Wiley. Mom wasn't a Christian during her teen years and has told us how afraid she would be to stay home while the rest of the family went to prayer meeting. She was so afraid that some Gypsies would come or a bum. Grandpa would have visiting evangelists come to their home for meals and when they would ask Mom about her soul, she resented it.

She knew she wasn't living a Christian life and would be under conviction.

Mom and Dad's wedding took place in Mineral Point, Wisconsin on September 22, 1920. Grandpa and Grandma Smith were very concerned about Mom and Dad's spiritual state. After they had been married for a year or so, my grandparents invited them to some revival services that were being held in their church. They went one night and the next day had quite a talk. They decided that they wanted to get saved and bring up their family for the Lord.

When the altar call was made that night my folks went to the altar. The Lord told Mom He wanted her to go back and ask her parents to forgive her. Of course, they forgave her and thus begin a new life. Many times I have heard them testify of how glad they were they made that choice. God gave them five children and the three oldest are ordained ministers. All of us are Christians today, and I'll praise God through out eternity for such Godly parents.

When I was 8 years old I realized I needed Christ as my personal Savior, and gave my heart to Him. Sorry to say I didn't live a consistent Christian life, but came many times to ask forgiveness again. God was always there and forgave me and now He truly is my Master. He doesn't tire of my coming to Him, whatever my need. It wasn't until I was twenty years old that I found His sanctifying power. During my teen years we attended a church that believed in holiness, but I never understood what it could do for me.

After hearing a sermon that explained it as an experience I needed, I went to the altar and died to self and was filled with His sweet Holy Spirit. This has given me an inner brace that established me spiritually. My parents know I was trying to live a Christian life, and didn't know of my deep spiritual need. God did and He has satisfied every longing of my heart.


As Jesus walked upon the earth,

He met a woman one day.

Seven devils claimed her soul,

And held her in their sway.

He cast the devils out of her,

They found they had to flee,

For the Master of the Universe

Had come to set her free.

Her name was Mary Magdalene,

Now, Jesus was Master and King.

Such peace and joy filled her soul,

She couldn't help but sing.

But one day, while following Christ,

Her heart was filled with loss.

For her Master, and her Friend so dear,

Was nailed upon a cross.

She watched them take Him down from there,

And followed to the tomb.

She saw just where they laid Him;

Her heart was filled with gloom.

When the Sabbath day was over,

On the first day of the week,

She walked along the garden path,

Her soul was sad and bleak.

She found the stone was rolled away,

Christ's body wasn't there.

She ran to tell the disciples,

So filled with deep despair.

The disciples went into the sepulchre,

And found that it was so.

Jesus' body wasn't there!

Where He was, they didn't know.

As she knelt there by the tomb,

Such sadness o'er her crept.

Then she saw two beautiful angels,

Who asked her why she wept.

She told them that someone had come,

And taken Christ's body away,

Not knowing that just behind her,

Stood the One she sought that day.

In turning, she saw there was a man,

Who asked her why she cried.

She didn't know it was her Lord,

She's seen Him crucified.

She thought He was the gardener,

And might know where Christ lay,

She said, "If you know where my Master is,

I'll take His body away."

Then Jesus called her by her name,

And she knew that it was He

Who set her free from demons,

And gave her victory.

"Rabboni Oh, Master!" she cried out.

Yes, He came back to life again.

He's the Master of the Universe,

Of death and hell and sin.

Today, He is my MASTER.

He forgave me of my sin.

He cleansed my carnal nature,

Put His Holy Spirit within.

I always want to serve Him,

He's the Master of my soul.

I've given my life and heart to Him,

I'm under His control.

It's wonderful to follow Him,

And let Him have His way.

I have such peace and happiness,

He's my MASTER every day.

by Arlene R. Wright

Window (3) THE SCAR

My first year in the Iowa schools was the 3rd grade.

School was much harder in Iowa than Wisconsin. After I had the mastoid operation, Mom and Dad decided that I wasn't well enough to go to school anymore that year. So the next year I was in second grade again. In Iowa, I was having trouble with my school work. One day I met the principal, Mrs. Kober, coming out of our apartment, and found out I would have to go back into the second grade for the third year in a row. This is all the trouble I had in school. In 1948, I graduated from high school.

While in grade school I had a lot of stomach trouble and raging temperatures. For days at a time I couldn't keep anything on my stomach. Mother always came when I called her, whether it was day or night. The first thing I would hear my father ask when he came in the back door was, "How is Arlene?" Finally, I would get over it and go back to school again.

The second fall we were in Iowa Dad was able to rent a house and the family was all together again. Dick had a tutor who came to the house and taught him 7th grade. His strong determination was an example to all who knew him. With God's help, nothing was going to stop him from being all he could be. As I reached the age of puberty, my mother explained to me the changes that would take place in my body. As the months went by I noticed the changes in my girlfriends, but nothing happened to me. One day I realized that I WAS A FREAK "OH, MY GOD, WHY ME? Couldn't it have been someone else. OH, MY GOD, WHY ME?" was the cry of my heart at that time. No one, but God, could ever understand the humiliation, the frustration, the hearts break I went through. My parents took me to different doctors, but they couldn't find anything wrong with me. When I went to the University of Iowa Hospital they couldn't do anything either. One doctor gave me shots, but they did nothing. Being very short I looked like an eight year old child. Children would stop me on the street and ask me how old I was. Because I was a Christian, I didn't want to lie, so I would tell them and they would have a good laugh. My family encouraged me and never let me know if they felt embarrassed because of my condition. God was good to me to give me such a loving and understanding family. They are all so precious to me.

Dick skipped 8th grade and started back to school in the 9th. He'd wrap his sack lunch around one crutch handle and put his books under his other arm and go off to school over the ice and snow. He graduated from high school on the honor roll. His courage and strength did a lot to help me meet my problem. When we didn't have a car, Glen and Dick would walk two miles one way to prayer meeting. Yes, Dick on his crutches! He couldn't walk without them. They really set the pace for me, and I had a lot to live up to.

Through it all God was so faithful to me. He made life worth living. In my humiliation, He lifted me up. When my heart was broken, He dried my tears. He walked by my side through every day. He was my constant comforter and kept me through those difficult days. He did not fail me and He will never fail you. You may never be called to go through what I have, but whatever your problem is, He is there to help you, if you will let Him. One of our big problems is, we want to understand everything. We want to add two and two and get four. In God's kingdom, that is not always possible. Some things we will never understand until Jesus explains it to us in heaven.

Solomon wrote in Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all shine heart; and lean not unto shine own understanding." My brother Dick would get abscesses on his leg and Mom would put hot packs on the affected area. She could not wring them out as hot as he could take it. So she took toweling and sewed hems in it and ran sticks through them, dipped this under the packs and twisted the sticks to get the hot water out. One day she told him she didn't understand why he had to suffer so. His answer was, "Well, Mom, I may have not been a good boy if this hadn't happened." We must learn to turn over to God everything that comes into our lives, and let Him work through us, that we might glorify Him.

The most beautiful rainbow I ever saw, was in North Dakota, but the sky was blacker than I any sky I think I'd ever seen. It is in these dark, and wearisome days, we can see the Brightness of His Glory. It is then He takes us into His loving arms and shows us how much He loves us. Many times we pray and ask God to use us for His glory, but then when we end up at the hospital, or something else serious happens to us, we wonder why. If we have surrendered our all to Him, we must just relax and realize, that anything God calls us to go through, He has confidence in us that we can make it with His grace and power. He gave us this promise in 1 Corinthians 10:13; "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way of escape, that ye may be able to bear it" God's grace is sufficient for our every need. It is when we start relying on our own strength that we fall on our faces. Paul found the answer when he said in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me." There have been times in my life, as I faced the fact I was a freak, (note: At this point in Arlene's life she felt she was a freak because of the fact she did not develop like other girls) that only His strength enabled me to go on. Everything in life can become a stumbling block or a stepping stone. God can enable us to grow and to know Him better as we rely on Him. If we are not careful we can fall over our problems rather than making them stepping stones. Here is a poem God gave me about this.


Is this a stumbling block or a stepping stone?

Only you can decide.

You don't need to stumble or fall,

With Jesus at your side.

They come in many different forms.

Heartaches, troubles. and loss.

But Jesus showed His love for you.

When He died upon the Cross.

God's word tells us when we are tried,

More than we can bear,

He'll provide a way to escape,

There's a crown for us to wear.

No one could ever make it alone,

On our strength alone we'll fall

But our God is there to help us

If on His name we'll call.

There is no shortage of His power.

He's Master and Ruler of all.

He has plenty of grace for you,

He's listening for your call.

It doesn't matter how big the stone,

Or how small that it may be.

We're safe if we lean upon,

The Man of Galilee.

So Friend, when you've been tried,

Don't feel you're all alone.

Don't let it be a stumbling block,

But make it a STEEPING STONE.

by Arlene R Wright

One of the things in my father's life that Satan would have loved to trip him up with, was the fact he didn't have much education. Shortly after Dad was saved and sanctified, God called him to preach. By this time he had a family to care for with no way opening for him to enter the full time ministry. He preached whenever he had a chance--always preaching under God's anointing. In the churches my husband and I have pastored, my Dad held four revivals for us and God truly used him.

When we stop and remember what our Lord went through, how can we complain? Yes, I have suffered, and perhaps you have suffered too, but have you stopped to think that He went through something that we will never have to go through? He was alone on that cross, because of our sin. God the Father could not look at Him, because of my sin. You and I will never have to be without His presence and power, as long as we keep our heart right with Him. We don't know suffering like He knew it

In 1975, my husband was a student at the University of Minnesota and I worked at the redemption center for General Mills. This was in downtown Minneapolis. It was where they redeemed the coupons that are on the General Mills products. At this particular time, I was a typist and also worked in their lunch room. It was the beginning of summer session at the University. When I came home from work on this particular day, Howard had gotten his new books for the term. One of the books had some objectionable material in it. Rather than encouraging him to wait until he got into the class, and see what it was like, I suggested we go back into the pastorate. So we made an appointment with our District Superintendent, Dr. Norman Bloom. He encouraged us to go ahead with the college work, since we had been so sure that was what God wanted us to do when we came there the previous fall. When Howard got into that class, they didn't even cover the material in the text book. Later I realized how much I had failed my Lord and my husband. A few days later as I was cleaning one of the dining hall tables, I was singing a song about walking with God's hand in mine. As I did, I heard God say, "If you're walking with My hand in yours, you'll feel My scar." After I went home I wrote this poem, and I hope I will never forget the lesson I learned that day. The scar I might wear because of my physical problem, could never be compared to the scar He will wear through out the endless ages of eternity for me.


It's wonderful to walk with God,

Along the Christian way;

To know He is my Master,

And my Guide from day to day.

When all is bright around me,

And the way ahead seems clear,

I can feel His very presence,

For He is so very near.

But then there are other days,

When the road is rough and steep.

And then it leads me downward

To a valley very deep.

I'm tempted to complain a lot

And ask why it must be,

That I must take a harder road,

When an easier one I see.

But Jesus comes and comforts me,

And tells me not to fear.

He's traveled down this very road,

And victory is near.

Sometimes it is affliction,

Or headaches or troubles sore;

I'm tempted to complain,

And wonder what's in store.

It's then I feel the pressure,

Of His precious hand on mine.

Oh, what joy and peace,

With His presence so sublime.

"But what is that?" I asked, "Dear Lord?

I'm not sure I understand,

Oh, it is the nail scar--

In the center of Your hand."

Oh, my precious Savior,

How dare I complain

When you paid so great a price,

My lost soul to reclaim.

You see He walked a rugged road

Where He died for all my sin,

That I might really know Him,

And have such peace within.

I want to keep my hand in His,

Yes, each and every hour!

He'll give me grace enough I know,

And keep me by His power.

My Prayer: Dear Lord, If I do complain

That Heaven seems so far

Please put a little pressure on,

And remind me of THE SCAR.

by Arlene R Wright

Window (4) A LUMP OF CLAY

In 1940, Glen, my oldest brother graduated from high school and then worked a year to get money to go to college.

He was very young when he knew that God had called him to preach. Mom has told about times when, as a boy, he would get his cousins together and he would conduct a little service. He and his wife, Alma, have now retired after 43 very productive years in the ministry.

On January 14, 1942, God blessed our home with another sister. Colleen Caron. Our parents had there A, B. C, girls, and our names ended with an ene, ine, een.

Sometimes Mom would call all three of us before she got the one she wanted.

Dick graduated from high school on the honor roll in 1943. A piano teacher gave him about two years of free lessons as a graduation gift. When he moved to Denver, Colorado to work, he asked her if I could take the lessons in his place. She agreed. I took the lessons, and appreciated it very much.

During my teen years, my parents began to attend the Salvation Army where Dad was able to preach from time to time. At that time I took their Corps Cadet class, and graduated from the six year course. When I was 16 years old I felt God's hand on me, calling me to preach. Being in charge of a group of young people, I gained some of my preaching experience while working with them. God made Himself so clear to me, that no one, anywhere, could have persuaded me that He had not called me to preach. The call is as clear today, as it was back then. It was a difficult time for me as I mentioned before, for I wasn't sanctified.

Dad worked so hard to provide for his family. Many times he would just get the coal bill paid, when it was time to buy more coal. No one, anywhere, ever worked any harder than he did for his family. When it came time for me to graduate in 1948, there was no money to buy me a nice dress. Mother went to work that spring in a laundry, which was very hard work. She bought me a beautiful pink suit and made me a blouse and tatted the yoke for it. As I walked across the stage that night to get my diploma, you would have thought I was in the wrong place, and should have perhaps been graduating from the 6th grade. God was with me through it all.

That summer I heard they needed someone to work with a lady at the isolation Hospital in Mason City. When I went to see her she told me I would need to see my personal doctor for an examination. Then I saw one I hadn't seen before, Dr. George Tice. When he saw my condition, he became interested and alarmed, and made arrangements for me to go to Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota. In November of that year, Mom went with me to Mayo Clinic. She was with me for the first day and then had to go home for she was working. Those doctors couldn't find anything especially wrong with me and sent me home to take some hormones.

This did start me to develop a little. The following summer I went back to Mayo and they gave me different medicine, which I couldn't have refilled.

In 1948, my parents began to attend the Church of the Nazarene. They joined the church and later I began to attend. The first sermon I can remember hearing on the sanctifying power, or holiness, was in an afternoon indoor camp meeting. The evangelist had taken his handkerchief, held it up by the comers and laid it on the altar, calling it the unknown bundle. The unknown bundle is all the things we don't know about at the present time. This would include our entire future, the future of our loved ones and His future leadings. He told how to get the experience, and when the altar call was made, I think I was one of the first ones to be at the altar. My life was changed that day.

In the fall of 1949, I heard that the Iowa District had purchased a school at Tabor, Iowa. It was a high school and a Bible school. So I enrolled as the only Bible school student for the first semester. There were seven other students all in high school. It closed at Christmas time in 1950. While at this school I learned much and am thankful for the experience I had there.

In 1952. I got a job at a department store in downtown Mason City. At first I was a saleslady but was mainly hired to become the elevator operator. The girl who had been doing it wasn't dependable and soon I found myself operating the elevator. There were no push buttons, but a round disk. If you pushed the handle fastened to it one way it would go up, and the other way down. You had to decide just where to stop it and make it level. There were three floors and a basement. There was a gate on the inside that wasn't hard to open or close, but the doors to the floors were heavy, and I soon developed some muscles.

My main purpose in working was to get money so I could go to college. Just when I would think I was about ready to save for college, something else would happen, usually sickness and a doctor bill. It didn't matter how hard I worked at it, it just didn't seem possible I would ever earn enough to prepare for the calling God had given me.

It was December 24, 1953. By this time Bernadine, my sister just younger than me, whom we lovingly call Bernie, had graduated from high school and had a job as a secretary in a lawyer's of office. Mom was working at that time in one of the hospitals. She had to be there very early and was up and gone before we were out of bed. That morning, as I fixed Dad's breakfast and packed his lunch, I had a terrible feeling in my throat. After calling the store and telling them I was very sick and wouldn't make it to work that day, I went to bed. After chilling and piling on the blankets, I got a very high temperature. My sisters were both home that day, but didn't realize how sick I was. When Mom got home and saw me, she knew I was very sick. They took my temperature and since it was always hard for mother to read, Bernie read it for her. Bernie said, "It can't be that high." So they took my temperature again and it read 105.6. Mom called the doctor and by the time he got there Dad was home. He told them he thought I had polio. So I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where they gave me a spinal tap. The test was negative, but they didn't know what was wrong with me. From Thursday night until Sunday morning there was little change. Then I had a bad nose bleed and my nose had to be packed. When my parents came to see me that afternoon, I tried to smile at them. My smile went up the side of my face, for I had St. Vitas' Dance, or Chorea, in connection with rheumatic fever. It was then they knew that I had rheumatic fever. It was a few days after that when my temperature broke. The following Sunday I went home so weak I could hardly walk. Dad half carried me into the house. For the next five months I was in bed except to go to the bathroom.

After everyone was off for the day, I was alone until noon, when Dad and Colleen would come and get dinner. We'd eat and then they went back to work and school. Much of the time I was home alone until Mom got home from work. God blessed her with a wonderful sense of humor. She would always find something to get me to laughing about which was often connected to her work.

One day, while everyone was gone, I had a serious talk with my Lord asking Him why this happened to me. It wasn't meant to put God down for letting it happen, but I wondered if there was some special reason for it. He told me I would preach to people and communicate with people who thought they would have a chance to get right with Him at death. He reminded me of my delirious state, and my inability to pray.

It seems so few ever get saved when they die these days. Some times they are given medications to free them from pain. They are so doped they can't pray. Others die in automobile accidents where there is no time to pray.

God has used this experience and I want always to be that lump of clay that God can use. To be used of God, I must be sure my heart stays soft and pliable. It is my desire that God remove all the things from my life that would hinder Him from making me what He wants me to be. The most thrilling thing in my life is the realization that God has used me in some way to glorify Him.

The 4th verse of the 23rd Psalm says, "Thy rod and thy staff comfort me." It is a comfort to know the Shepherd has the rod to fight off the enemy, but I'm glad for the staff that can pull me back into line, if I should stray. We always need to be in condition for God to use us anyhow and anyway He chooses. As we are yielded completely to Him, we will see the Brightness of His Glory.


I was just a mess

Of dirty, miry, clay.

My potter was the devil,

Who shaped me day by day.

I thought that I was doing

Just what I wanted to do;

Controlled me through and through.

But I heard the voice of God saying,

"The way you're going won't pay.

I want to remold you,

More than a lump of clay."

"I paid the price to redeem you,

'Twas My death on Calvary's tree,

I arose and am the Victor!

I love you, can't you see?"

So I gave myself to this Potter.

He changed me without and within.

He gave me peace and victory,

And forgave me of my sin.

As I lived my life for Jesus,

I found that there were days

I didn't yield to my Master's touch,

Or let Him have His way.

Then I heard I had a nature

Within this heart of mine,

That I needed to get rid of,

So my light would really shine.

Sanctifying power, they called it,

Would take that nature away;

His Spirit would cleanse and fill me,

I sought it that very day.

I made a complete commitment,

Died to myself, my future and all.

He filled me with His Spirit,

In answer to my call.

As I talk to my Potter each morning,

I bow and humbly pray,

"Potter, please mold and make me,

A fit vessel for You today."

by Arlene R. Wright


In October of 1954, I went to help Dick and his wife Ella with a church they were starting in Grant, Nebraska.

They had rented an old store building on main street that had living quarters in the back. Dick again had a big part to do with me playing the piano. Then I had such a desire to learn how to play the piano, that after I couldn't take any more lessons, I kept working on hymns. Dick had me play for some of the services, which gave me some practice.

While I was with them, Dick had another abscess and had to go to Denver for the surgery. God brought him through it. It seemed that when he lived in the Midwest he had more trouble with his leg. But through it all his faith was strong in the Lord. Many lessons on faith in God were learned while I was living there, and I will never forget those days. When our parents were visiting us in 1955, I was quite ill and decided to go back to Iowa with Mom and Dad.

That year I got a job baby-sitting nights for a nurse. In the early spring of 1956, I had quite a prayer meeting. Something I will always remember as long as I live is when I came to the end of my rope, so to speak. In my desperation I cried, "God, I've done everything I can do to try to get money to go to College, but I can't do it. You have called me to preach your Word and I need training. God, what are you going to do about it? I've done all I can do." His sweet voice came back telling me before I went to college that fall, I'd have enough money to pay for the full year. Oh GLORY, HALLELUJAH. Yes, the glory of the Lord filled the house where I was baby-sitting that night. This was such a wonderful time for me with His presence so real, and I didn't tell anybody about what God had told me, but I begin to make my plans. God gave me the assurance that I should attend Bethany Nazarene College (now Southern Nazarene University); in Bethany, Oklahoma; so I wrote them about it and made all the necessary arrangements.

In 1952, Dad was able to build a new home in the eastern part of Mason City. He had helped one of the men he worked with build a home and now he helped Dad with our home. We moved to this new home in November of that year. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lester lived in the house next to us before we moved. They also moved about the same time. The house we were living in belonged to one of the cement plants and they had decided to sell them to private parties. Mrs. Lester knew she had cancer and had made arrangements with her lawyer to have Dad be a trustee for her husband when she died. One day Mom and Dad went to see them and found her in a coma. She was placed in a nursing home, where she died. They were both born again Christians, for which we praise God.

Dad had to check on Mr. Lester quite often. One night white we were there he asked me how much money I had for college. Saving every penny I could, I told him close to $100.00, which isn't much for a college bill. He pulled out his billfold and gave me over $500.00. That was the answer I had been expecting, but I didn't know where it was coming from. Oh, praise the Lord! The Lesters had been robbed a number of years earlier and he had been injured quite badly. He was mostly blind and because of the circumstances Dad was made his guardian. The following day I deposited the money in the bank. Oh, PRAISE THE LORD. HE DOES NOT FAIL.

The day finally arrived when I boarded the train headed for Bethany. It was not easy to say good-bye, for I had been home for a while, and I knew I'd miss my family.

Finally, we could see the train coming, and I had to say good-bye. It was not easy to say good-bye to my family, for they were so precious to me. Tears came, but with them was the anticipation of what I would be learning in the months to come.

After traveling all night, I arrived at El Reno, Oklahoma where I changed trains and headed for Oklahoma City. Upon arriving there I found that the cabs were on strike, but I was able to get one to the bus depot just in time to get a bus to Bethany. When I got off the bus, I didn't know which way to go, so I looked and finally headed in what I thought was the right direction. After seeing some Quonset huts, I saw a young man standing by a car reading his Bible. So I stepped up to him and ask him where Bethany Nazarene college was. He said, "This is it."

All I could see from that point of view was the Quonset huts, and wondered what kind of a college I had come to. He told me how to find Bud Robinson Hall, the dormitory where I would be staying. In walking a little further I saw the beautiful campus.

After I finally found my room and met my roommate, we went to Sunday school and church. During church I became quite homesick. In the first place I was so tired from my trip and it was all so strange to me. When we got back to our room I threw myself on my bed and had a good cry and that ended my homesickness. There were times when I would be lonely for my family, but God filled in those lonely times.

After I had taken all the tests and had registered, I went to pay my bill. Because I could pay for the whole year at one time, I got a 20% discount and paid it all with a check. How can I ever praise God for all His goodness to me? He had heard that prayer that night, and knew I needed His help. Perhaps this was what He wanted me to do all the time, but I didn't realize it. Many lessons were learned by depending on God completely.

If we allow the devil to do it he will make our prayer time a thing of duty, rather than pleasure. No one anywhere, but God, can bear our burdens and carry our loads.

If we really love the Lord like we should our time spent with the Lord, us talking to Him and Him talking to us, will be the most precious time of our day. It will many times be at the place of prayer we will see the Brightness of His Glory.


I love to talk to You, Dear Lord,

And have You talk to me.

You take away my doubts and fears,

And give me victory.

come to You with heavy heart,

All weighted down with care.

You tell me not to fret at all,

For You still answer prayer.

I come to You with problems,

Some big, and some so small,

And though they seem impossible,

They are not much to You at all.

I come to You so often,

In every single day,

But You don't seem to mind at all,

You like to have me pray.

And when I am so lonely,

I come on bended knee,

It's then I feel Your loving arm,

I know you still love me.

I know I am so far behind,

In giving thanks to You,

And though I have ten million years,

I still would not be through.

I know You gave Your life for me,

Upon a Roman tree,

That I might be saved from sin,

And live eternally.

One day I found You as my Lord,

You've never failed me yet.

Though I have failed so many times,

You seem to just forget.

I love to talk to You,

Dear Lord, It's fellowship sublime,

You are the God of miracles,

And Your promises are mine.

By Arlene R Wright.

Window (6) JUST TO KNOW

The college work wasn't easy for me for I hadn't been in school for some time. Being 28 years old, I had to train myself carefully to study again. God was by my side and helped me all the way. Knowing I would get my first Theology test paper back one day, I went to the prayer chapel in my dorm and asked God to help me accept whatever grade I made. Then if it wasn't good, to try all the harder. A B on my test paper helped me realize all the more what God was doing for me and I gave Him all the glory.

Living with my problem in college wasn't easy, for my body still was not normal. With a little under padding at least I looked normal. Being about 5 foot 1 inch tall, and my mother being only 4 ft. 10, I didn't think that I was too short. To compensate for my problem I tried to forget that there was any thing wrong with me. It was the only way I could feel good about myself. Of course, I could never forget the truth, but few at Bethany ever dreamed I had this problem. If they had I'm sure they would have been very kind about it.

One time, especially when God helped me, was a day I was to preach in Homiletics class. The day before I was to preach, I had a paper to finish for another class. This was completed before time for prayer meeting. When I got back to the dorm that night, I was too tired to make my outline for the sermon I was to preach the next morning. So I set the alarm for 5:30 A. M. and went to bed. It didn't ring and I woke just in time to get dressed and go to breakfast. It was necessary to have an outline for the teacher, Dr. Harold Hoyt, as well as the one I'd use. Working on the outlines between classes, I finished them on time. This was the second time I was to preach in class. Each student filled out an evaluation sheet on the other student's sermon as they preached. The first time I preached I talked too fast I learned a valuable lesson from this. This time I slowed down and got an A on the sermon. To God be the glory.

When the spring semester ended, I went home for the summer. Being very tired from all my studies, I just rested and did what I could around home. My parents and I went on vacation to visit friends and loved ones in Wisconsin.

As fall approached I asked God what He wanted me to do about going back to college. He assured me that I should go back. The verse of Scripture I stood on is found in 11 Timothy 1:12, "For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day." The Sunday morning before I was leaving to go back to college, after the morning service, we were out at the car about ready to leave, when our pastor's wife came up to me and put a 20 dollar bill in my hand, telling me that something told her to do that. I knew the amount wasn't the thing that really counted, but the fact that God would provide for me. It was very assuring just to know He was with me and would help me all the way.

Working as a receptionist at my dormitory didn't pay much of my bill. Every nine weeks we had to have our finances checked before taking tests. Each time I prayed and claimed the verse I mentioned above. God brought me through that year also. Since I was working toward a Certificate of Theology, which covered all the material required for ordination, I only had one more year to go. That summer, at home, God was telling me I would have a hard time getting back in college in the fall owing more than $500.00 to the college and having no way to pay it. It was my prayer that God would have His way. When it came time for me to go back, after praying, I felt sure it was His will for me to go back to college. After arriving back at Bethany I told my dorm mother, Mrs. Lucille Bohannan, about my situation. She advised me to go to the business office and see what they would decide about it. They couldn't let me register, for I already owed too much. I could understand it, since my bill was so high.

On a Tuesday morning, classes had started the day before, I made my way to the prayer chapel. There I poured out my heart to God, telling Him I was there to serve Him. Since I knew He had told me to come back, however He worked it out it would be fine with me. If He wanted me to get a job in Oklahoma City to earn money to pay the bill, I would be glad to do it. Laying all of my burden at His feet, I was filled with the most beautiful spirit of peace. It came in billows, and just kept rolling over my soul. This IS another great memory I will always cherish. On Thursday at that week, I went into Oklahoma City to some employment offices. On Friday, I was all set to take a typing test. Seeing I was going to stay with some friend in Oklahoma City, Thursday evening some of my friends took me out to the dorm to get some clothes I would need the next day. When I came back to the car I couldn't find my purse, so I thought I had left it in the dorm. The purse had been in the car all the time, but there was a special reason I was delayed.

As I was about to get back into the car, our dorm receptionist called to me, and said I had a long distance call.

Before I had written home to tell the folks about my situation, Mom had dreamed that I was in my room crying like my heart was broken. She knew something was wrong.

She told me that Mr. Lester had given me $300.00 more, and that she would do her best to pay $25.00 a month on my bill.

God was at work all the time and again how can I ever praise Him enough. After a great time of rejoicing and getting my things from the car, I went back to my dorm and the next day registered for classes. In May of 1959, I graduated with a Certificate of Theology. The only time Mom and Dad ever made it to Bethany was for my graduation, and how glad I was to have them there.

It was in the Brightness of His Glory that I went to college and prepared myself for His service. It was such a privilege to attend a Nazarene College and I made so many beautiful friends there. There were so many wonderful experiences, but it would take another book to tell it all to you. Just to know Him, my Lord and my God, is the greatest knowledge of all. If you don't know Him, He is waiting with outstretched arms for you to come to Him.


Just to know that He is near me,

As I walk the Christian way.

Just to know that I can trust Him,

For He keeps me everyday.

Just to know when I am lonely,

And my heart would tend to grieve;

Just to know that He still loves me,

Then such comfort I receive.

Just to know that when my body

Is racked and filled with pain,

Just to know that He too suffered,

Yes, He suffered for my gain.

Just to know when trials come,

And I cannot see His face;

Just to know that He is conqueror,

And He'll keep me by His grace.

Just to know Christ is my Savior,

And He dwells within just now,

Just to know my sins forgiven,

As before His face I bow.

Just to know my carnal nature,

Has been killed or crucified.

Just to know I have the blessing,

For which cause my Savior died.

Just to know the inner wooing

Of the precious Holy Ghost,

Just to know His cleansing power,

Has reached unto the uttermost.

Just to know when Satan comes,

I have that inner brace.

Just to know He'll keep me true,

With His grace I'll win the race.

Just to know that blessed Godhead,

Has a place within my life.

Just to know and feel God's presence,

While living in a world of strife.

Just to know it won't be long,

Until I'll see His face.

Just to know until that day,

He'll keep me by His grace.

by Arlene R Wright


As I begin this chapter I wish I could tell you I was able to get into the full time ministry, but that didn't happen. Since I had no openings at the time, I didn't have much choice but to go home with my parents after graduation. The first year out of college I had a few openings. In Glenwood, Iowa I helped in Vacation Bible School. Their pastor was my first Nazarene pastor, Rev. Everett 0. Davis. In August I had charge of the children's work at the Tabor Nazarene Camp. During youth week I helped with the program at the Church of the Nazarene in Marshalltown, Iowa. It was a joy being the teacher of the teens Sunday school class in my local church, and I tried to stay busy in the work of the Lord. After my graduation I still owed quite a bill to the college. Even though I wasn't sure how I would pay it, God provided in a wonderful way. One of the men in our church was the assistant manager of the Montgomery Ward Store there. He had hired me to address advertisements from their ledgers. Of course, this was only part time work, but each time a payment was due, I would pray about it and in a few days I would receive a call to come to work. God does supply our every need. When we do our best, in every area of our lives, He will ever be by our side to provide in every way.

In 1960, I wasn't feeling very well, so Mother wanted me to see a new doctor, which I did. He decided that my condition was caused by what is called Turner's Syndrome. This is caused by not having the right amount of chromosomes. He didn't realize he put me under the floor boards for all the confidence I had been able to build up in my college days, was wiped away. I was told my hands were to big and that I had feet like Minie Mouse. I don't think he realized what affect this had on me. But God stood by me and sustained me through these days. It is wonderful to know we have a God that understands us. My parents and family understood some of what I was going through, but God fully understood it. He knew my humiliation, struggle and battle. He was always there to comfort and guide me. Since I was His child I knew He would see me through any problem I ever had to face. He was my constant comfort and strength.

When we realize how small we really are, and how strong He is, we will fully realize how much we must depend on Him each day for our help. As the Psalmist said, "My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth." - Psalms 121:2 Regardless of the nature of your problem, God cares about you and your life. Everything that concerns you concerns Him. The important thing is to keep our heart right with the Lord, and we know He will give us the grace to go through each problem that we must face in life. For about five months my father and I shared a supply pastorate at Iowa Falls, Iowa. He would preach on Sunday morning and then I would preach at night. The next week we would turn it around and I would preach in the morning and he at night. God blessed us as we worked together.

My youngest sister, Colleen, was married and had two small children. In 1963, 1 felt led of God to move to California and care for her children while she worked. This I did for three years. Dick, Ella and their family lived in that area and it was nice to be close to them.

It was my greatest desire to be in the full time ministry, earning my own way. What we want and what God wants, isn't always the same. But God does know what is best for us and can see down the road and will lead us in His ways. His way is always the best way. Many days during the three years I lived with her, I felt that I was a failure in every way. I had prepared for the ministry, and now I wasn't able to fulfill that call. Yet, I knew God wanted me to be there during that time. God showed me through a sermon, we are successful in life if we do our best and do what He asks us to do regardless of how small or menial the task may be. It was a joy to help Colleen and her children when they needed me, but I wasn't in the ministry. God gave me this poem and many times God has reminded me of it. Real success is doing our best at whatever He has given us to do. We. one day, will be home with the Lord, and then we will fully know how successful we have been. What God thinks is so much more important than what others think of us, or of what we think about ourselves. Our Lord went to the cross to purchase our salvation so we may suffer some, but it could never compare to what He suffered for us. As we are being used for the glory of the Lord, He will show us the Brightness of His Glory.


What is success, Dear Lord,

It's talked about so much,

And those who try to find it.

Find it very hard to touch.

To some it is position,

To others it's progress.

Or maybe it's prestige,

Or the things that we possess.

But what is your opinion?

What really is success?

Is it just the things of this world,

Or does it have a sacredness.

And then I am reminded,

That life is but a day,

And what we do in this world,

Well someday get the pay.

Oh, I could be a great success,

In everybody's eyes,

But if I make my bed in hell,

It is failure in disguise.

So Lord, I want to follow You.

In every way You lead.

And though I fail in others eyes.

I know in Yours I will succeed.

And when my life on earth is done.

And I behold Your face,

I'll be so glad I followed You.

And leaned upon Your grace.

by Arlene R. Wright


In 1966, I started to notice a loss in my sight. When I was no longer needed at Colleen's, I decided to return to Iowa My sight was making it hard for me and the doctor couldn't seem to find out what the problem was. After being home for two or three weeks, Mom and Dad left for California to spend Christmas with our family there. I spent Christmas with my sister, Bernie, her husband, Don, and their three girls. Christmas day we spent with Don's family and I had a very nice Christmas. On a very cold day, January the 20, 1967 I called Bernie to tell her I needed to go to town sometime that day. When she answered the phone, she sounded so strange. She told me Don was coming to get me and that I should get ready to come to her house, and that something had happened. By the time I hung up the phone and put on my coat and boots Don was there. Something was badly wrong, for Don didn't miss work unless he was very ill. It was just a few blocks from the folk's house to theirs and Don told me again that something terrible had happened. When we got to their house, Bernie told me our precious brother Dick had gone to be with his Lord at 6:00 A. M. Before I had left California I had wanted to see him so badly, but got sick and couldn't make it. It was heart breaking to think he was gone. What a comfort though to know he was with the Lord.

On the previous night, Thursday, the rest of the family had gone to prayer meeting. He wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home. When they got back home, they found him on the bed. It looked like he had been praying and tossed himself on the bed. He had a massive brain hemorrhage, so they took him to the hospital, and about 6:00 A. M. the next morning he smiled a beautiful smile and was with his Lord.

We talked about flying out for the funeral, but the decision was finally made to drive out so all the family could go. So we left the next morning We drove all day Saturday, Saturday night, and arrived at Colleen's on Sunday evening. Mom and Dad were there and were taking it very hard, but God had l His hand on them and was giving them grace. On Monday morning Glen and Alma came and took us to the funeral home. As I saw the body of my precious brother, the words "UNTIL HEAVEN" came into my mind. He was 42 years old and had lived through 16 operations on his leg and suffered more than any of us can imagine. Mom had asked him at Christmas time if his leg hurt and he told her it always hurt. He never let on and only at times could you see in his face how much he was really suffering. You never heard a word of complaint from him, but just his great faith in our wonderful God. He was not in the active ministry at the time of his death, because of his health, but he was always busy singing, preaching or teaching a Sunday School class.

That afternoon at the cemetery on a his overlooking a beautiful bay, the young man that had done Dick's gardening, fumed to his sister and asked her to pray for him, for he wanted to live a life like my brother had lived. Even in his death his influence lived on. God was good to us to let us have him as long as He did, for there were many times when we didn't think he would make it. His wife, Ella, was very brave, along with her family.

We left the following morning and had quite a trip home but made it safely. It wasn't easy going home to an empty house, but God was by my side. Even though I still miss Dick, it is wonderful to know he is no longer in pain, and I will see him again. It is just so long for now, I'll see you in heaven. His life was a real inspiration to me and his courage helped me over some of the hard places I faced in life. We can't understand all of God's ways, but we do know that our God doesn't make mistakes. Dick used all of the talents God had given him to glorify his Lord. He had such a beautiful voice and I am sure the courts of heaven are ringing with that voice today.

In my heart on that day as I stood by his casket, I was saying to him, this is good-bye for now, but I promise you I'll see you again on Heaven's shores and there we will never part again. In the meantime I have much work to do for the Lord. So Dick, just UNTIL HEAVEN, with you I will truly see the Brightness of His Glory.


I often thought of heaven,

With its streets of purest gold,

I have thought of all its beauty,

With its splendor yet untold.

I have thought about the mansions,

All the glories that are there,

The Jasper walls and pearly gates,

There is nothing to compare.

BR> Then I've thought about the people,

Who never have a pain,

There's no more tears or sorrow,

For this is God's domain.

Then I've thought about the Savior.

Who died at Calvary.

He rose again a Victor,

To give us victory.

I know that I'll be with Him.

In a fairer land above,

Where we will sing forever,

Of His never dying love.

Why am I so interested,

In this wondrous heaven fair?

I've just lost my darling brother,

And I know he's over there.

I know that I will see him,

Up in heaven some sweet day,

Where the sorrow will be singing,

And the night is turned to day.

When I see my Glorious Savior,

At that resurrection Day,

I'll see my darling brother,

For he won't be far away.

For on earth he lived for Jesus,

His life was a life of prayer,

He is singing up in heaven,

And He is happy over there.

UNTIL HEAVEN, precious Dick,

Until heaven, we'll. meet again.

We can walk and talk forever.

And the time will never end.

by Arlene R. Wright

(You may use this poem for a loved one by changing the relationship and the name.)


The Los Angeles District granted me my first District Ministerial License in 1966. white I was still living with Colleen. Since I had moved back to Iowa it was necessary for me to meet the Iowa board of Orders and Relations in July of 1967. The district has its own camp grounds near West Des Moines. Iowa My parents had purchased a cabin on the camp grounds that year and since that was where I was to meet the board, it gave us a good opportunity to get it cleaned up, the lawn mowed, etc. Dr. Eugene E. Phillips was our District Superintendent at that time and he told me about a young man pastoring at Hamburg, Iowa who would make someone a good husband. He asked me if he could tell this young man about me. It was heard to know what to say. Being concerned about the impression I would make, and yet being interested, I finally told him that it would be all right.

Of course, I told my folks about it and a few close friends. The first full week in August our District had Conventions and Assembly in the daytime and the camp meeting service at night Since my sight was not improving and I longed to be in the full time ministry earning my own living, I felt quite discouraged. A dear friend tried to encourage me and said she felt things might change after I had been to camp meeting.

One day I slipped up to some hills behind our cabin on the camp grounds, and had quite a talk with my Lord. In my prayer, I reminded Him that He had called me into His ministry and that that call was as clear as the day He called me. As I left that private vigil I knew that God was in control and would see me through. The answer to my prayers was on the camp grounds, but I didn't realize it.

On Friday night of that week, after the camp meeting service, they were going to show pictures of a fishing trip some of the pastors had won in a Sunday school contest. I don't remember now if they were slides or a movie. One of our friends had a bad headache. After the service I went to our cabin and got some aspirins for her, and took them to her. As I was nearing the tabernacle I prayed that if God wanted me to meet that young man from Hamburg, to let it happen. The first time I saw him was when he gave his first pastor's report. The next person to speak to me was Mrs. Phillips, the wife of the district superintendent, who asked me if I had met that young man from Hamburg yet. When I told her that I hadn't, she went to look for him and found him praying with someone. She took me over and introduced us. His name was Rev. Howard Wright. He was real easy to talk to and I realized that I was older than he. The next night Dr. Phillips didn't know we had been introduced, and brought him down to where I was and we were introduced the second time. That night I told him how old I was. While he walked me back to our cabin, he mentioned coming up to see me the next day, which was Sunday. Mom and Dad had suggested that I invited him up for dinner, which I was reluctant to do.

When he mentioned coming up to the cabin to see me, I felt free to invite him for dinner. So we had a wonderful meal together, for my Mom was a great cook. He was a tease right from the start. As we walked back down to the tabernacle for the afternoon service, I mentioned that the gravel was hard to walk in. He told me not to worry for if I fell he would help pick me up. An so we started a great romance. The Spear family was our camp singers that year. Brock Spear told us in the afternoon service to turn to the one next to us and tell them we loved them. The my mother couldn't pass up. There was a lady friend sitting between Mom and me, but Mom reached around her and said, "Be careful, Arlene, be careful", and gave me her sweet grin. We sat together in the evening service and exchanged addresses.

Howard and I began to correspond and I invited him to come up and be with us for his vacation. We lived about 310 miles from him in northern Iowa. He lived in the southwest comer of the state. He was able to come and we had a wonderful time together. It was that week that we fell in love. Later I received a letter from him asking me to be his wife. Up to this time I had not told him anything about my personal problem which made it impossible for me to ever have any children of my own. At this particular time I wrote him to tell him about this, but did not tell him the reason. Then I went to a doctor to have examination to see if I could be a wife. How afraid I was that I would get a negative answer, but praise the Lord, I was all right. After this I wrote him a full explanation of all I knew. My mother wrote some things that would have been too hard for me. In this letter I told him if he felt he couldn't be happy with me, knowing we would never have a family of our own, that he was free to find someone else, and that I would pray for him that God would give him a good wife. Because I loved him very much, I didn't want him to marry me and be unhappy. This was the hardest letter I ever wrote. It wasn't that I doubted his love, but I wanted him to be happy more than anything, even if I had to pay the price.

He wrote that he thought that God had put me on the angel program, for angels don't have babies either. He still wanted me to be his wife, and I was about the happiest woman in the world. So many times I had wondered if I could ever find a man who would love me in my condition, and my God again showed his great love for me.

In twenty eight years of married life I have never had to ask my husband if he loved me, for proves his love in so many ways. On November 21, 1967, dressed in the wedding gown my Mom had made for me, we were united in wedlock by Dr. Gene E. Phillips. We had a beautiful wedding and lovely reception. Then we went to Brazil, Indiana for our honeymoon. None of Howard's family could come to our wedding so we went to be with them on our honeymoon After a short stay with them we came back to Mason City, and got our things. One of our friends used his pick up truck with a camper on it to carry a little furniture that we had bought. The folks went with us and that evening I arrived at my new home. Oh, how happy I was Home, yes, a home of my own, and a wonderful husband to work with in the ministry. How good God has been to me.

Since that time I have had many physical problems, but God has gone with us through it all. The love I have received from my husband is just a little insight to the Brightness of His Glory. As children of the King we can expect God to do great things for us, that far exceed our imaginations. That is what God did for me in so many ways. He will do it for you, remember He loves you so much and has your best interest at heart. Don't forget, if you have accepted Him as your Savior, you are the child of the King.


If we've given our lives to God,

We're the children of the King.

But the way some of us look,

You'd think the opposite thing.

You see some with long faces,

They even wear a frown.

Their Father is King of kings,

And wears a brilliant crown.

Oh, yes, we have troubles,

A problem here or there,

But our King will lift our burden,

If we go to Him in prayer.

Sometimes it is a financial need,

More bills than we can pay.

But if our tithe is paid in full,

We can trust Him all the way.

He'll show us how to manage things,

Provide our every need.

In our way we're going to fail,

But in His, we will succeed.

Our Father, the King, is very rich,

His wealth cannot be told,

In heaven there is a great supply,

Its streets are paved with gold.

Our King really wants to help us,

To take each burden away.

He's big enough to handle it,

We need to just obey.

Oh, Satan will bring that burden back,

He dislikes that smiling face!

Tell him you're leaning on the Lord,

And trusting in His grace.

Tell him, if he wants to discuss it,

Discuss it with the Lord.

You have a peace within your heart,

This world cannot afford.

You have a right to be happy,

To pray and sing and shout.

We're children of the King of kings,

We need not have a doubt.

The Day will soon be coming,

When we'll see Him face to face.

We'll crown Him King of kings,

For He suffered in our place.

So when cares and problems come,

Remember your Father is King.

He'll take that burden away from you,

And cause your heart to sing.

by Arlene R Wright

Window (10) HE'S ABLE

In the summer of 1968, Howard received a call to two churches in North Dakota, Tuttle and Denhoff. After much prayer we made our move and began a very busy life. He would leave our home at 8:30 A. M. on Sunday mornings and drive to Denhoff where they had church first and then Sunday school. Then he would drive back to Tuttle and usually get there just in time to go to the platform and preach. On Wednesday nights we had prayer meeting in Denhoff, and Thursday nights in Tuttle. Then we had Sunday evening service in Denhoff one week and in Tuttle the next.

That fall he went to the High School with one of our church boys, and came back with a chemistry teaching job. So you see we were very busy, but so happy in the work of the Lord. The people were so wonderful and so generous with their farm products. How much we appreciated them. They kept us in eggs, cream, meat and various other things.

In the spring of 1969, I was in the hospital in Bismarck and about the time my doctor was going to dismiss me, I asked him about my sight which I was still loosing. He ordered an angiograph. In this test they shoot dye into the head through the veins in the neck. Even though they gave me some anesthetic I was still in a lot of pain and discomfort. They found a tumor on my pituitary gland and suggested immediate surgery. God begin to warn me not to have it done at that time. There was no mistaking God's word in anyway. Howard also felt the same way. It was my feeling that since God didn't want me to have the surgery, He would heal me. He had healed me a number of times so I just turned it over to Him.

In 1971, we were pastoring in Olivia, Minnesota and my doctor got very serious and told me I had to do something about the tumor. He told me I could go to Mayo Clinic or to the University of Minnesota Hospital. He would contact them and get an appointment for me. We decided that we might have to have state help and chose the University of Minnesota. We left the office and returned in a couple of hours and found he had gotten an appointment for me the following Monday. This was a real surprise to me for I thought it might be a month or two before I could get an appointment On the 28th of June we met Dr. Long, my neurosurgeon, who was very kind. When I met him I explained to him I had a bleeding problem. When I had my tonsils out, they had to put clamps down my throat to stop the bleeding and also I could bleed for a day or two after I had a tooth pulled. He would have liked to put me in the hospital then, but I asked if I couldn't have that night to spend with my husband and go into the hospital the next day. He granted my wish. Dr. Norman Bloom was our District Superintendent at that time and he and his wife were so kind to us. We spent that night in their home. The following day I entered the hospital full of fear and doubt. That kind of surgery would be hard for anyone to think about!

That weekend I was released from the hospital and we went to see Mom and Dad. Mom went home with us for our Sunday services and then to the hospital with me the following week. She was so sweet to come, but it was hard for Dad. He had surgery that spring and wasn't feeling that well either. It was during this week that God gave me a real rest in Him. He told me I would go through the surgery and live. He calmed the fears and storms that raged in my heart at that time. On Thursday of that week, I had a New-mon-encelifligraft. They put me to sleep for this and took fluid from my spinal column and let air come into my head, and then they got some good pictures of the tumor. They had hoped to go up through my nose to take out the tumor, but found the tumor was too big to do this. They would have to open my head up almost ear to ear. Through it all my God was by my side and I felt His divine presence. Because I didn't have a headache on Friday morning they said I could go home for the week end. Mom went home by bus, and I appreciated so much having her with me through that hard week.

On Saturday, my back begin to hurt where they had put the needle in. I was on strong doses of cortisone and not realizing this would double the strength of any other medication, I called my local doctor to see if he could order me some pain medication. After explaining my situation to him, I asked him about taking some strong aspirins. He said that would be just fine. A few hours after taking them, I went on a drug trip. Oh, it was terrible! Everything was so weird. It wasn't until after surgery I got over this. Sunday evening I went back into the hospital. Our church people were so loving and understanding. It wasn't an easy time for them either.

My surgery was scheduled for 11:00 A. M. on July the 14. My sister, Bernie, brought Mom and Dad up for the surgery. Since my glands weren't working, I was deficient in factor 8 that makes the blood clot. They used 51 pints of blood to get the plasma I needed for that surgery. They started to work on me quite early that morning and when Howard stepped into the room, he had a worried look on his face, for he didn't think they would be working on me yet. Even though I didn't plan on shedding tears, when I saw the troubled look on his face I shed a few tears for him. They had canceled a surgery and wanted to take me in earlier than they had planned. My desire was to see my parents and sister before I went to surgery. When I thought they would take me before they got there I begin to cry, and about that time they stepped through the door. It wasn't because I didn't think I'd see them again, but I just wanted to see them before going into surgery. The first thing they had to do was to shave my head. Not all of it, but back a way so they could make an incision. How old that razor was I don't know, but it felt like they were going to take my scalp off too. Finally, I asked the doctor doing it, how much he was going to take off. He asked me how much they had promised to leave. They hadn't said anything about it and I heard Dr. Long say that was enough.

That is about all I remember until coming out of it in the recovery room, Dr. Long used a microscope after making the incision and found one of my main arteries wasn't covered by bone tissue. You see, if I had surgery done in North Dakota, I would have been dead on two accounts, the blood condition and the uncovered artery. You never make a mistake by minding God. It took them four hours to do the surgery. It was also in the brain area and my right optic nerve was smashed like a noodle, leaving me legally blind in the right eye.

When I woke up, my main problem was the sensation of spinning in space. My eyes were swollen shut and I couldn't see that I wasn't spinning. Howard held my hand, but that didn't stop my spinning. When I got my eyes open I could see I wasn't spinning, even though I felt like I was. Mom stayed a few days with me that was a great help. A fellow pastor and his wife were so kind to us by opening their home for Howard and my Mother to stay with them. So many people helped me at that time I could never name all the things they did.

One Sunday, while still in the hospital, I had a wonderful experience. Howard was home in Olivia taking care of the church services, and I was in the hospital without a roommate, While listening to a Christian radio station playing Doug Oldam's rendition of "The King is Coming", the King Jesus came that afternoon in the Brightness of His Glory, and comforted my heart. He was so real, I think anyone coming into the room could have felt His presence. How can I ever thank Him enough! This will always be a wonderful memory to me.

He is able to help us meet every situation we face in this life, regardless of what it is. He promised He would never leave us or forsake us. Isn't it wonderful to know that He is always there hearing and answering our prayers? Whatever your need is today, He alone is able to see you through. He is able.

People all around us need to hear about God's ability to help us and keep us. That is one reason I have written this book. Our God can do what He did for the three Hebrew children by taking us through our fiery furnace. They came out of the furnace without the smell of smoke, and so may we. My friend, whatever your need, our God whom we serve is able. We may see the enemy's forces all around but God can help us see God's great army arrayed against the devil's forces.


Are you tempted to be discouraged?

Don't think it's something new.

It's Satan's plot of long ago,

Now He's trying it on you.

He doesn't care just how he strikes,

He has just one thought in mind.

To get you to look downward,

Not up, to God divine.

He points out just how bad things are;

Forgets about the rest.

All the blessings God has given you,

And grace to pass each test.

Elisha's servant woke one morn,

To find, they were compassed about

With Syrian chariots and horses!

His heart was filled with doubt.

He told his fear to Elisha,

Who started then to pray.

He asked God to open his eyes,

To see His forces that day.

The servant took another look,

And, oh, what a sight to see!

There were chariots and horses of fire.

Yes, that meant victory.

We too serve the God of Elisha;

He still is just the same.

Just lean on His almighty power,

We must remember that God above.

Has forces out there fighting,

Don't forget about His love.

So when Satan would like to bring us

Discouragement along the way,

Let's look up and trust in God.

He has strength for every day.

by Arlene R. Wright


It was necessary for me to have cobalt treatments although I didn't have cancer. If they missed a cell of the tumor in surgery, it could grow and that would mean another surgery. As an out patient, I would have this done five days a week. The big problem was, where was I going to stay. They had a hall, Powell Hall, where you could rent a room, but our budget wasn't big enough to allow for that. It became a matter of prayer. One day a young nurse was in my room and I was explaining my problem to her when she told me she had a room in Powell Hall, and she didn't sleep there and I was more than welcome to use it while I had my cobalt treatments. God heard and answered prayer again. Four out of the five weeks of treatments 1 used her room and paid her a small fee. She didn't even want to take that. God does have a way of working things out if we will but trust Him.

On July 30th, I was dismissed from the University of Minnesota Hospital. The day before I was to leave the hospital Mrs. Margaret Bloom, our district superintendent's wife, gave me a wig. It made me so happy to know I wouldn't have to go around with a skull cap. We could never thank the wonderful people who were so kind to us at this needy time in our lives. When I was dismissed from the hospital I remember how strong I felt and had plans of going home and doing some housework. When I got home I found I wasn't as strong as I thought I was. One of our teen aged girls had cleaned our parsonage. How I appreciated that.

The following Monday we were back in Minneapolis and it took them three hours to put the red markings on the sides of my face, to correspond with the area of the tumor. Since I didn't have cancer the treatments didn't make me sick, but I felt quite weak.

One of the greatest thrills of my life came during assembly. Howard and I were both up for ordination. We met the board and I praise God that our church is so careful about the ministers they ordain. They had asked my husband what he would do if they didn't ordain him. He told them that God had ordained him years ago, and it would not change his ministry. As we went to our room after that meeting, which was after the evening service, I wasn't sure whether they would ordain me or not, but I committed it to the Lord, knowing He was fully in charge of my affairs. The next day we were informed that we were both going to be ordained. I called my parents and told them about our ordination and they were able to come and be with us for that important event.

The week before coming to camp, Howard and I had looked in Minneapolis for a suitable dress for me for ordination. Anything we could afford wasn't suitable, and what was suitable, we couldn't afford. After resuming home we went to Willmar, Minnesota and there I found a beautiful three piece suit on sale at half price. It was just what God wanted me to have, and I am still wearing it from time to time. God does care about anything that is a problem to us, no matter how small it may be. Oh, how much we owe to our great and wonderful God.

If you would have seen me at the time of ordination, you may have not known me. For one thing my wig wasn't the same color as my hair. Then I had gained some weight, and I had red X's on the side of my face for the cobalt treatments. If I had lost those markings it would have taken them another 3 hours to remark them.

Talk about thrills, that night was full of them. As our group marched to the front of the tabernacle to the tune of "Called unto Holiness" I remember how thrilled I was. Earlier the choir sang "There's Something About That Name." The greatest thrill of all came as an answer to my prayer. Dr. George Coulter was our General Superintendent and I appreciated the fact he would be laying his hands on me, but I asked God for His touch at this time, and God did touch me in a special way. What an honor it is to be an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. There is quite a debt I owe to my church. For it was there I heard the message of entire sanctification, had the privilege of going to a Nazarene college and met my wonderful husband. It is my hope that in some way I can give back to the church my life of service and love to my wonderful Lord.

The following Monday I went back to Minneapolis for two more weeks of cobalt I treatments. Of course, I was home each week end. My bill was over $7,000.00 and our insurance paid $5,000.00 of it. How we appreciated having that coverage. Dr. Norman Bloom presented our case to the Board of Ministerial Benevolence and they sent us a check for close to $1,000,00. He told us when we got the check and were going to go to the hospital to pay the bill, or what we could pay on it, he wanted to go with us. So on a set day he met us there. He explained that my husband was the pastor of the Church of the Nazarene at Olivia, Minnesota and that our salary was $50.00 a week. He told him how much the insurance had paid and that we had a check of almost a $1,000.00 that day from our General Church through Ministerial Benevolence, and asked him what he would suggest After placing the entire matter in God's hands, I put my complete trust in Him. If the hospital decided not to cancel any of the bill, then I knew that He would help us get the money to pay it. The man did some figuring on his adding machine and told us if we would give him a check for $810.05 that would take care of our bill. They forgave us $600.00. OH, GLORY BE TO JESUS. God took care of it all. We did our best to express our appreciation to him. My husband went to different departments at the hospital where we owed money, and they told him they were accepting the insurance payment as final payment. We had enough left to pay off a loan we had to make. Oh, what a thrill to serve a God that never fails us or forsakes us.

The greatest thrill of all is yet to come when I meet my Lord face to face. I am looking forward to that day, but each day it is a wonderful thrill to walk with Him. He fills me with the Brightness of His Glory. Each day there are new thrills and new insights into His glory. Oh, that I might be able to illuminate Him. As the moon has no light of its own, but just reflects the sun's light, I want to show forth the Brightness of His Glory to those all around me.


There could never be a greater thrill,

While on this earth below,

Than the thrill of walking with our God,

Oh, what a thrill to know.

I can feel His very presence,

As we walk along the way.

We have such sweet communion,

Especially when we pray.

We can walk with the very One,

Who put the stars in space.

He is so willing to be our Guide,

And keep us by His grace.

He'll give us such assurance,

When we take to Him our care,

He'll take that burden from our heart,

If we'll leave it with Him there.

Sometimes, down in the valley,

He doesn't seem so near.

But, if we don't keep trusting Him,

We must not live by feelings,

But in faith in God alone.

He's still right there beside us,

And He claims us for His own.

As we climb the VICTOR'S mountain,

We'll find He's sweeter still,

Than all we've ever dreamed of,

Oh, what a blessed thrill.

Take the thrills the world can give,

They never could compare,

To the joy of walking with our God,

And living in His care.

The best is still ahead of us,

We'll see Him face to face,

Who died to set us free from sin,

And save us by His grace.

The only way you'll know this thrill,

Is to do the Master's will.

To live each day alone for Him.

Oh, what a heavenly thrill.

by Arlene R. Wright


In the spring of 1972, we had gone to a neighboring church to hear Evangelist Bob Hickey. That night he gave his life story and told us how he came to Christ. We were very blessed by the service. He announced that the following evening, Saturday night, he was going to show slides of their work with the Indians in Arizona which they did in the summer time when they didn't have revivals slated. It sounded very interesting, so we went. We were greatly impressed with the work he, his wife and daughter were doing. On the way home I said to my husband, "Honey, wouldn't it be wonderful if God would ever call us to do something like that?" He said that it sure would be. We just couldn't forget about it and as summer came on so did the awareness that God was through with us at Olivia We met Dr. Bloom and told him about our desire to work with the American Indians. He gave us Rev. G. H. Pearson's address, who at that time was the District Superintendent. We were praying that if it wasn't God's will, not to let us go. We only wanted to be where He wanted us to be doing what He wanted us to do. This was about the time of the General Assembly and of course Rev. Pearson was very busy. We did hear from him though, and he sent us some application blanks to be filled out. We kept on praying that God's will would be done. Then we received a letter from him saying that he was still waiting for some of our references and that he would call us the next week and let us know. He had a place in mind for us.

The following week we were to help in the Boys and Girls camp at Camp Jim, near Brainerd, Minnesota. So Howard wrote right back and told him where we were going to be and the phone number there. It was just at the dinner hour with over 150 children fined up in front of the dining hall when the call came. Howard couldn't even hear where we were supposed to go, but that we were being appointed. When he came by me on the way to be with his boys, he told me we had been appointed. As I was jumping up and down with excitement, the girls from my cabin wondered what was wrong with me. I told them if they could keep a secret, I would tell them after dinner. That evening Dr. Bloom was able to talk to Rev. G. H. Pearson and found out we was going to Sells, Arizona to work with the Thono Odahm Indians (Papago Indians when we were there). We were so happy and the following Sunday we announced our resignation. When I had called my parents to let them know about our next move their response was that they had given me to the Lord before I was born and they were glad for me to serve Him, wherever He might lead. How much I appreciated my Godly parents and their commitment to Him.

We were quite busy the next few weeks getting things packed and selling a few items that we couldn't take with us. We would be leaving Friday during the week of district assembly. At the assembly they called me to give my yearly report as an ordained elder. When I finished I went to sit down, but they called me back. Then Howard gave his report and we both went to sit down and they called us back again. Each church on the Minnesota District had taken an offering for us, and presented it to us at that time. It was very deeply appreciated. We thought we would put it into a bank when we got to our new home, but God knew we would need it before we were settled there and provided for us in this wonderful way.

On Friday, the son of one of our neighboring pastors came and helped us pack a tandem trailer. We had supper with some friends and about 6:00 P. M. we headed out for my parent's home. It was only about 130 some miles and we should have made it in a few hours. After some car trouble we arrived at my parent's home about 6:00 A. M.

We spent that day, Saturday, resting and getting the car fixed. We didn't like to travel on Sunday, but we had to in order to make it on time in Arizona. We left Mason City on Sunday morning stopping in Ames, Iowa for church. We were traveling one day down a mountain pass on a two lane road and coming up this road was a big truck, when a car pulled out to pass. With all the weight of that trailer behind us, if we would have hit, there would have been no way for us to have lived. My husband decided to go to the edge of the road, but the driver of the car cut across and missed us only by inches. We knew God had His hand on us. When we were traveling between Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona our radiator boiled over. We didn't have any water with us, but it started to rain. Howard found a place close by where they had made an opening in the pavement to let the water run off. He soon found a tin can and begin to fill the radiator. As soon as he had it full, it stopped raining. God sent that rain just for us when we needed it.

When we arrived at Phoenix, we went to Rev. and Mrs. Pearson's home for the night. Rev. Pearson was already at Sells and the next day we took Mrs. Pearson with us. They were having camp meeting when we arrived. They have it from Wednesday through Sunday before Labor Day. The camp meeting evangelist was staying in the parsonage, so we moved our things into two of the bedrooms, and resumed the trailer to a place in Tucson.

Seeing it would take a few days after the camp meeting to get our things unpacked and arranged, Rev. Pearson left his small trailer for us to stay in until we could get settled. Our mission station consisted of an alabaster church, the parsonage and the cook house. During camp meeting they furnish all the meals for the people. After supper the first night a little girl was bitten by a scorpion, and we took her and her mother to the local hospital. The Doctor told us they had killed a rattle snake in the hospital yard the day before and gave us a long list of all the poisonous creatures that live around there. This little girl had no complications from the bite.

That night after we were in bed we heard something howling. We had never heard coyotes before, and thought sure it was some dog that had been bitten by a rattle snake, or something similar. We soon learned our mistake and got used to hearing them howl. We were always very cautious to make sure there were no snakes or the like on the ground as we went to church.

We enjoyed the Camp Meeting very much and were glad to meet the former pastor there, Rev. Clarence Liston. He was going to our Indian Bible School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He took Howard calling with him and that was a great help. We also meet Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Wickland, missionaries in Tucson. They were such good friends and came out on Labor Day to help us with some painting in the house.

For the first 14 months we lived there we had to carry all of the water we used in a large plastic container. Between where we lived and where we got the water was a wash, which would turn into a little creek when it rained. We could only fill the container about half full, for if it was filled up you lost quite a bit of it going through the wash. We did have a septic tank, so we were thankful for that convenience. A blue granite canner was used to heat water for dishes. We had another container in a closet near the bathroom, which we used so we could flush the bathroom stool. The government came into our area and built one hundred new homes for our Indian people, and brought the water line through. We were able to connect to this. What a blessing. The day we got the water turned on, I did quite a bit of mopping. The parsonage was quite new and had all the pipes in it. How were they to know if they were tight or not without any water to go through them? It wouldn't have bothered me if the water was up to my knees for I was so glad to have running wafer in our home.

So many times we take things for granted until we no longer have them. Since I am legally blind in my right eye and have lost some of the sight in my left eye, I appreciate the gift of sight more than ever. Why must we lose things in order to appreciate them? Let's stop and thank God for all the blessings He gives us and count them day by day.

To a certain extent, I think we went through a cultural shock. When we saw homes with dirt walls and floors, cooking being done in a cactus arbor, water and wood being carried for miles, it was quite a shock. I didn't realize that people in the United States lived in such a style. When the ladies wanted their floors to look neat, they would rake it. Not all homes were like this. Some had cement floors and things somewhat better. The food prices at the trading post were unreasonable. One day, in 1973, I went to buy a quart of skim milk, and it was 90 some cents.

It was necessary for us to go to Tucson once a week to buy our groceries, do our laundry, and banking for us and the church. Most of the time we would stop and see our friends, the Wicklands, and spend some relaxing time with them.

On Monday nights we went south 20 miles to a little village to hold Sunday school and church. We were allowed the use of the tribal building, unless they were using it that night. This was a real outreach for the church. One of our ladies went with us and taught the adult class. My husband and I taught the children. Howard would take us to the building where we had our services, and then go and pick up the people. One little girl was a challenge and needed to learn discipline. In the last service there I gave each child a sheet of typing paper and asked them to draw a picture on it. When we got hers, she had printed on the bottom of the page, I LOVE YOU. We had tried to convey to all of the children our great love for them, and most of all God's love. She felt our love for her through our gentle discipline.

It took a while for the people to get adjusted to us. The church was only about seven years old and they had always had Rev. Clarence Liston as their pastor. Most or nearly all of their services had been in the Papago language. Then come two greenhorn missionaries who didn't know a word in Papago and the services had to be done in English. There were only a few of the people who didn't understand English. These were the older people. The young people and children weren't learning the Papago language and they will soon lose it if they don't start learning it.

Since the adult class was in Papago, I felt the need for an English class, and I started one. We had some white people living in that area who could take advantage of this class. It was also necessary to have a children's church. It started after Sunday School through to the end of the church service. I found that I just had a hard time getting enough material to last that long. So we went to church and left when my husband got up to preach. This worked out well, and we praise God for the way He helped us in so many wonderful ways.

One day when I had an appointment at the University of Arizona Clinic, I met Dr. Dorthea Hellman. She told me there was one test she wanted to take, to see if I had Turner's syndrome. This was very upsetting to me and I told her all I had been through in connection with it. Neither Howard nor I could make ourselves accept the idea that I had Turner's syndrome. He had worked with patients in a mental hospital in Nampa, Idaho, when he was a student there, and knew some of the things that go along with Tumer's syndrome. She was a very sweet lady and said if they found that I had it, she didn't want to hear me mention it in her office. This time, for the first time, they took a blood test to test the chromosomes. When the test came back the chromosomes were perfect and it had been the tumor on my pituitary gland that had kept the other glands from working. No one, but God, and my husband knows the release I found that day. No longer could the devil call me a freak and get away with it So many times when I had preached and someone found victory at the altar of prayer, the devil would come around and point his long finger at me and remind me that I was not normal. Now God had set me free, and I will be praising Him throughout the endless ages of eternity.

As you know, one of the biggest problems with our dear Indians is the liquor bottle. It was against the law to sell it on the reservation, but some got away with it. It was so sad to see them lying along the road. One night we nearly ran over a man laying in a driveway. One day, while doing dishes, I heard a light knock on our back door. There stood a woman, whose common law husband had knocked her down, and kicked her in the head with his cowboy boots. We took her to the doctor and thought for sure she would never drink. But not many weeks later, she was drunk and had given her house key to her little four year old daughter, and she didn't know where it was. Another lady, whom we also took to the hospital came to our front door with a similar problem. One young man came to the house on a Sunday morning desiring to go to our Bible School, so Howard made the arrangements. He didn't come back and a few months later he had died of cirrhosis of the liver.

But thank God, we could tell them of One who could take that appetite away from them and set them free. Many times the men would come and testify about knowing someone in the church when they used to drink. We have such good news for all mankind.

While we were there I did have some physical problems. It was necessary for us to go for close to a 2 1/2 mile walk in the desert one day. On Sunday we had had a blow out. The spare tire wasn't much good, and someone loaned us an old fashioned tire pump. On Monday, Howard got it fixed and that night when we let the children out at the tribal building, where we had our outpost, they were laughing, for they could hear the air coming out of one of the tires. One of our ladies had come in her car and she drove us back to town to see if we could find a tire to fit it We tried, but they didn't fit, so we took that tire off and went home for the night The next day Howard got it fixed and another lady took us out Howard put the tire back on. When we got back to Sells, we decided to go and see a lady who lived 10 miles out in the desert. We lacked one tenth of a mile from being 2 1/2 miles from her home, as we were going home when another tire blew. It was too hot to just sit there. So we decided to walk back to our lady's home to see what she could do to help us.

On Wednesday I had promised Mrs. Wickland that I would put a permanent in her hair. While we were there Howard got very sick and had to go to the doctor. Since Howard was too sick to go home we spent the night with them. In the night I got sick and ended up in the hospital.

There were blood clots coming up through my legs going through my heart and lungs causing problems. After being in the hospital twenty one days, they sent me home on a blood thinner called Cubadin. After breaking out with a rash, the Lord told me I was going back to the hospital. This worried me, for I was concerned about the bill. He soon reminded me of what He had done for us at the University of Minnesota Hospital. The following; Monday I went back to the doctor and the blood thinner wasn't doing its job. I was the 5th person in the United States to ever be allergic to it. Again they admitted me to the hospital for several days. Finally, I got over this problem.

In the summer of 1973 I got a pain in my right hip, and I finally went to the doctor to have it checked. After x-rays they told me my hip socket was dying and there was nothing they could do for me. They suggested that I get some crutches and use them. After writing my parents about it, they began to pray. That year we had our Vacation Bible School the same time as our camp meeting. During this week I didn't have any pain at all. The next week I went to see the doctor and he asked me if it was hurting, and I told him that it wasn't. He said I was lucky, and I told him it wasn't luck but faith in God that had made the difference. God completely healed me of that.

The bill? One of my doctors had told me if I had trouble with it to let him know. The day we were packing the van and trailer to leave, the hospital called to tell me they were canceling the rest of my bill. God does not fail, for He does what He says He will do.

In April of 1974, we had Rev. and Mrs. Ed Timer, who had been missionaries to the Indians for a number of years, hold a revival for us. On Easter Sunday afternoon we went out to their little trailer which they had parked behind our parsonage, to have a visit with them. They told us they thought we ought to leave our work there. This was a real shock to us, but we begin to pray about it. We were there under God's orders and we wanted to be sure we were still in His will. As we prayed we became aware that our work was done there. We contacted Dr. Norman Bloom about getting another pastorate. We were still members of the Minnesota District. You can't belong to the North American Indian District unless you are Indian.

We resigned our church not knowing where God was going to lead us. One Monday, not too long before we left, Howard was very upset and discouraged. We were going to be leaving and as yet had no direction as to where we were to go and what we were to do. He spent quite a bit of time out on the desert praying about it As we woke the following morning God had revealed to him what He wanted us to do. Howard was to go back to college and get his degree so he could get a job to support us while we started new churches on the Minnesota District. He had a number of college hours of work, but not enough in any major to graduate. He had finished the course of studies through correspondence in order to be ordained.

We were content and knew our God would not fail us, but see us through. Some of the scriptures I read that morning were promises for the future. It was so very hard to leave those wonderful people, but it always pays for everyone's benefit to mind God. Hearing those beautiful Christian people as their choir sang for us on our last Sunday there, will forever be in our memories. The day will come when we will meet them in heaven. There together we will see the brightness of His Glory.


Me a missionary, Lord?

How could that be?

Me a missionary, Lord?

You don't mean me.

I've no real talents,

I've nothing to give,

All I have, Lord,

Is my life to live.

That's all You want,

Is my life and my heart?

If that's all You want,

Then I'll do my part.

But I thought to qualify,

I would have to be,

A very talented person,

But You really want me?

I've heard Your voice,

And You're saying to all,

Keep your heart tuned,

To hear My call.

You don't call all

To cross the seas,

Indians in this country,

Need some missionaries.

Oh Lord, I'm not worthy

For such a call.

But I love You Lord,

And I give You my all.

Please use me,

This is my prayer.

Use me, Lord,

The gospel to share.

I know there are souls

In deepest despair,

Without You Lord,

They're dying out there.

Me, a missionary, Lord?

I've heard Your call;

I've seen the vision,

I give You my all.

by Arlene R. Wright

Window (13) SECURITY

We stayed for a few weeks with my folks. Then we were called to fill in during the vacation of the pastor at Olivia, Minnesota. We made an appointment with Dr. Norman Bloom. It looked like we were going to have to attend one of our Nazarene Colleges since Howard's credits went back to the 1960s. As we were visiting with the Blooms they told us about Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Mackety. They were going to try to start an Indian church in Minneapolis. They managed an apartment building on the University of Minnesota campus. This was of great interest to us. Dr. Bloom mentioned it was too bad they couldn't keep us around there so we could help them. Then he picked up the phone and dialed the University and found out they would accept all of Howard's credits. He took us over to one of the offices and Howard registered as a resident student. Although we had been out of state, since our credentials were still held my the Minnesota District, they accepted him as a resident student, which saved us quite a bit. He was able to use his veterans' college benefits. Dr. Bloom had called the Macketys to see if they had any apartments available. Since they did, we went over to see them. The only one they had was in the basement. It wasn't real nice, but I am always happy when I know I am in God's divine will. Then they showed us an apartment on first floor that had been spoken for. The man who rented it was to sign the papers the next week.

We went home to pray about it, and felt it was God's will. However, the man didn't sign the lease and Dr. Bloom drove all the way across town to sign it for us. So we had an efficiency apartment on the first floor. We had a Murphy bed that was fastened to the closet door. The bed folded into the closet during the day, and out into the living room at night. We stored some of our things with a good friend of ours in Mason City, and just took with us what we needed in our apartment.

It was important that I find a job. The apartment was very small and it would have been hard to be in it all of the time. At the employment office the only job I could find I thought would be suitable was a catalog selector at Sears. Howard took me over there and while I talked to the personnel director, the Lord told Howard I wouldn't get that job, but the next one. Sure enough, they had already hired the people they needed. It was back to the employment office at which time I was interviewed by a former minister. We had quite a talk after which he sent me over to the redemption center for the General Mills products where I was employed until Howard graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in small group speech communication.

It was a real joy working with Rev. and Mrs. Mackety. While we were there a beautiful church building was purchased. A lot of our time and energy went into helping get this church established. God kept His hand upon us during those years. When it came time for us to find a town to start a church in, the district didn't have the funds available to assist us. This became a matter of prayer. God knew our willingness to follow Him wherever He might lead.

When Howard finished his last term there, we had to move out of our apartment. You couldn't live there if you weren't a student. We stored our things in a room in the basement of our Indian church and went down to my folks. While there, one Sunday afternoon, I felt the need of getting alone with the Lord. Mom had laid down for her afternoon nap, Dad was resting in his chair and Howard was busy with something at the time. Taking my Bible, I went to a nearby park where I sat down at a park table to read. After reading for a while. I went walking by the river that went through the park, praying, "God, Jonah didn't want to follow you, but we do. You had a place for Jonah to go, surely you have a place for us. We only want to do your will." After a while, I went back up and sat at the park table again. When I glanced up the road at the bridge I saw a man looking for someone or something. It was hard for me to see very clearly whether it was my Dad or not He took a couple of steps, and when he started walking down my way, I knew his walk. Running up to meet him I put my arm through his, and we walked home together. The Lord spoke to me that day and said. "Arlene, Just put your arm through mine, and we'll walk home together." Talk about security, we have it as God's children. It wasn't long after that that we were called to pastor the Church of the Nazarene in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. This is about 21 miles north of Milwaukee. How I thank God for Godly parents who prayed for us through some very hard years, and showed us a little of God's great love through theirs.

There is no real security outside of God. The things of this world fade and lose their values. We may not have many of the things this world calls dear--possessions, homes, cars, and such, but if we are walking with the King of kings every day, knowing He will never fail us, we have the greatest security in the world. These things are not wrong, if we keep them in their proper place, but the most important thing we can do in life is to maintain a right relationship with God and be fully committed to Him and His will.

When I first started to preach my dream was to preach in every state in the United States of America by the time I was 40 years old. It was just that, a dream. That wasn't God's plan for my life. We will feel the security of His love as we lose ourselves in His plans and wishes. Many times God's promises have conditions. If you are not walking in full accord with God's plan for your life. then I am afraid you wilt feel insecure. Being fully committed to Him, and being used by Him is one of the greatest thrills of my life. When you are willing to give your best, you will be Amazed at what God will do with, and for, you. Life may not go the way you want it to, but it doesn't matter when you lose yourself and find that life in Him. All you need to do is turn yourself completely over to Him, and accept His will as the ultimate goal of your lives. Then you will find security.


Security, Oh what a word,

It's used so much these days,

By so many different people,

In so many different ways.

They are using it to advertise,

Yes, put your money here or there;

But the only place to find it

Is at the place of payer.

If you accept Jesus Christ

As your Savior and your Lord,

The security you have, my friend,

This world cannot afford.

They also say that love plays

A very important part,

In our feeling of security,

Yes, from the very start.

No greater love was ever shown

Than on that rugged tree,

Where Jesus paid the debt for sin,

For you--and yes, for me.

Oh, how secure we can feel

Within those arms of love,

And to know He sees our every need,

From His throne in Heaven above.

He knows when we are lonely,

Or we've troubles here or there.

Oh, what comfort we receive from Him,

When we go to Him in payer.

He tells us that He loves us;

He cares so very much.

Heaven seems to come to earth

When we feel His heavenly touch.

His resources are so plentiful,

His riches are untold.

The heavenly streets are even paved,

With that precious gem called gold,

His grace is all sufficient,

He has strength to give us, too.

He will always meet our need,

And He'll surely see us through.

The security we have in God,

This world can't understand.

He's there and always holding us,

In the hollow of His hand.

But if we disobey Him-

Go back to the life of sin,

We'll find His condemnation,

Where security had been.

Are you secure in God today?

For time and eternity?

He loves you and He's waiting,

To give real security.

by Arlene R. Wright

Window (14) WHY?

One day my iron needed cleaning while I was getting our clothes ready to go to family camp on the Wisconsin District. While using a cleaning and polishing product on it I had gotten some on the floor, but I had wiped it up. Camp was a very blessed time, and we enjoyed it so much. We came home on a Sunday night and the next morning Howard had left to help in our Boys and Girls camp. That evening I had taken off my shoes and lay down for a few minutes on the davenport. Then I got up and went into the kitchen to call my parents. They had been to the Iowa District camp that same week. After I finished talking to them, I came back toward the living room and my nylon stocking hit that spot and I came down with a bang. After trying to get on the davenport, and being unable to do so, I pushed my way down the hall and into our bedroom where I got the phone and called one of our church ladies. She came and called the doctor and the ambulance. The x-rays showed that my hip was broken. Howard came home from camp and I had surgery two or three days later.

Not long after that I had a very difficult time sleeping and if I did sleep it was a nightmare. Every bite of food I ate I forced down because I wanted to get well. Because of a serious mental problem I had to go back to the hospital after being home one night. After an examination I was informed by the doctor that my mental metabolism was out of balance. It was so bad I told my husband if God ever brought me out of this I could never praise Him enough and I am still praising Him.

My parents came and spent three weeks with us. The first week I was still in the hospital and the other two I was at our home in Cedarburg, WI. They were a tremendous source of encouragement and blessing. A week or so after they went home and since I was allergic to the medication I ask Howard to go in the living room to have prayer with me concerning my mental condition. When I begin to plead the blood of Jesus I could feel His healing touch.

We are often tempted to wonder why we have to go through these hard places, but when we consecrate ourselves to the Lord we are no longer our own. Perhaps because I went through this experience I will have more love and understanding for those with similar problems. We must reach out to all around us and let them know that we love them and that above all God loves them. He alone can lift their burdens and see them through a victorious Christian life as they view Christ in the Brightness of His Glory.


There is a very little word

That Christians should not use.

And when the temptation comes our way,

We need to just refuse.

When we use this little word,

It expresses doubt and fear.

Instead of faith and trust in God,

Who sees our every tear.

This little word so wrong is WHY.

Why did it happen to me?

Or to a loved one or a friend?

God's will? It couldn't be.

But if you gave your life to God,

He's the one Who has control.

It's for His glory and honor,

And a blessing for some soul.

We pray and tell the Lord each day,

"Use me for Your Glory."

But if things don't go our way,

Does He hear another story?

If we really mean this prayer

When trouble comes our way,

We'll know that God allowed it

And trust Him come what may.

He showed us His great love one day,

Yes, when He died for us all.

He has comfort and strength for us,

He's waiting for our call.

God knows what's best for us each day,

With eternal values in mind.

If we'd learn to lean on Him,

Such comfort we would find.

Many WHYS cannot be answered,

Till we reach our home above.

God will explain it to us there,

And we'll praise Him for His love.

So when the WHYS come to mind,

Just turn the other way.

Let God know you trust in Him,

He'll guide you every day.

by Arlene R Wright

Window (15) OUR GOD KNOWS

In the later part of May, 1972, we were visiting Howard's mother in Brazil, Indiana He was the first of his family to turn to the Lord. He was 17 years old when he was saved. He had a hard time for a while, but one by one his family came to the Lord. His father was saved two years before he died. His mother is a beautiful Christian today and loves serving the Lord. His father went to be with His Lord on November 24, 1970.

While we were visiting Howard's mother, my dad called saying that mother and he were neither one well, and asked if we could come home and help them awhile. Our last pastorate had closed, sorry to say, but our furniture was stir there. In June we moved in with my folks. My sister, Bernie had pulled the heavy end of the load up to then. She would clean their house, do their washing and buy their groceries. Since we were there, it made things a little easier on her. We had both of them in the hospital at the same time. Dad didn't know Mom was there for several days. When Dad got home from the hospital, we rented a hospital bed for him and put an intercom by his bed and one by the davenport where we slept. All Dad would have to say was "Howard" and he would be there to help him anyway he could. My main job was to cook and take care of the dishes and house which I was so glad to do.

On November the 10th, Dad told me he didn't know how much more pain he could take. He had cancer of the bone and I tried to assure him that God would give him the strength and grace he needed until he took him to his heavenly home. It was usually he who encouraged me. There was a Hospice group in Mason City who worked with terminal cancer patients. They would come out in the afternoon and stay with the folks so we could get away for a while. Usually I didn't go, but on November the 11th, I went with Howard. We looked at trailer houses that afternoon and had a wonderful time. When we got home there was a car in the driveway. When I opened the back door, Bernie and Don's girl, Lynn, were standing there and crying. She told me that Dad had passed away while we were gone. As I went in to see him, I could hardy believe it. He was such a wonderful father, and I could never praise God enough for him. He lived such a Godly life and set such a wonderful example. Of course, this was hard for Mom, for they had been married for 62 years. God was with her through the funeral and all. Glen, Alma and their son Glen Eugene, came to the funeral, as wed as our youngest sister, Colleen.

The funeral was more like a victory celebration. A good soldier had gone home. The songs were '"What a Day That Will Be" and "Meet Me There." There was so much I appreciated about my father's life, especially the way he earnestly prayed about anything he was going to do. He not only told me the things I needed to know about the Lord, he lived it out in his life. He may not have known it, but he taught me some homiletics. The first thing he did when he had a message to prepare was pray and be sure he had the message God wanted him to preach.

We continued to live with Mom and help her. In June of 1984, she was pulling the drapery shut, and it didn't go down like it should. When she went to pus it down straight, she caught her foot in the fan cord and fell, breaking her hip. We had to take her by ambulance to the hospital where she had surgery. Since Howard and I were unable to take care of her, we had to put her in a nursing home. We ready didn't want to do this, but we didn't have a choice. Of course, we went to see her every day. Many times she thought she was going home, and I would have been so glad if she could have. It was very heartbreaking to remind her that she still couldn't walk, and that we were so sorry we couldn't take her home. About the first of August she had a heart attack and we put her back in the hospital. She got some better but died on August 13th with a perforated ulcer. Another brave soldier of the cross went home. God's grace was sufficient for that hour. It wasn't easy when I lost either of my parents, but I know I'll see them again on the heavenly shore. Their prayers are greatly missed, but I will always remember the path they blazed before me. "Until Then" was one of the songs sung at her funeral. Until God chooses to take me home, I want to be busy winning souls for Him. She was such a wonderful Christian mother.


Did you ever ask yourself this question,

"Does anyone really care?"

Your heart was almost broken,

It was more than you could bear.

The feelings that you had.

If they'd gone through what you had

They too would be so sad.

Others tried to show you sympathy,

They said they understood;

But all the counseling they gave you

Didn't do you any good.

There's One Who really understands.

He knows all you've been through;

He wants to show you that He cares,

Yes, He cares so much for you.

His heart was broken on the cross

When He sought the Father above.

And found He turned His back on Him,

To save us with His love.

God knows just how you feel, my friend,

Jesus cried when He saw the sorrow,

At Lazarus's tomb that day.

Although He raised him from the dead,

His heart was deeply touched.

He knows just how you ache inside,

And He cares so very much.

His life was not an easy one.

Disappointments and troubles sore.

At last He died upon the cross,

Has anyone suffered more?

He knew that some who followed Him,

Just to see what He would do.

They'd eaten the loaves and fishes,

And saw Him healing, too.

He knew that one day very soon,

This crowd would disappear.

They'd join the others to crucify Him,

And never shed a tear.

I'm sure that everything we feel

He felt on earth below,

God tells us that, in His Word,

And we know that it is so.

So take that heartache, or that care,

To one Who understands.

Hell fill your heart with cheer,

If you leave it in His hands.

by Arlene R. W right


Ah, yesterday, I have so many happy memories. Memories that will live on forever. Well, yes, there were a few bad ones along the way, but why think of the bad things when I have so many happy times to remember. Times when my family was all together and we were having such a good time. Times with many friends when I was a student at Bethany Nazarene College, now Southern Nazarene University. Times when Howard and I first met and the way we fell in love. The list could go on and on.

Today, is a new day, with new challenges. My God will take care of me today, like He cared for me in my yesterdays. He is ever ready to meet my needs and with each new day I realize anew how much I need Him in all of His power. On my own, I can't make it, but with His strength and power we can make it together. It I would think of trying it on my own, I'd fall flat on my face. God didn't plan on me making it alone, but with His able assistance. Whatever I have to face today, the Lord will be with me to give me counsel and guidance. Isn't that wonderful to know? "And ye are complete in Him, which is the head of all principality and power." Colossians 2:10; We often feel our inadequacy, but in our Lord we are complete and can conquer the foe, regardless of what it might be. As I have explained to you the many problems of my life, I can testify that God helped me to adjust to my problems and has given me the victory. We need more determination in our service to the King of kings. We shouldn't allow anything to stop us.

Tomorrow? That is full of question marks. We don't know about it or where it may lead us, but if we have committed them to the Lord, they shouldn't bother us. Although I am not saying you shouldn't plan ahead for days of retirement, I am saying we must not worry about it. Everything must be left in God's hands to be worked out in His timing and in His way. People have said, "I guess we'll just have to trust the Lord." Isn't that sad that after all these years following Him you have never learned to trust in Him? He must be hurt by our lack of trust and faith. We must learn to trust Him regardless of what comes or "Des. If you can't put your trust in God, whom can you trust?

We may not know about our tomorrows, but if we have committed them to the Lord, let Him have them and make them the way He wants them to be, no questions asked. God is just as able to deliver us today, as He was to deliver Daniel, the three Hebrew children or any other of those we read about in God's Holy Word. God has not changed, but maybe the Christian has. Let's trust Him come what may, and just see what God can do for us and our lives.

Tomorrow, I look forward to seeing my Lord face to face. Won't that be wonderful to see the one who died for me and led me all the way through this life? It will be worth anything I may have to go through in this world to be welcomed home at last. Then I can spend the endless ages of eternity praising Him for all He has done for me. It will be then I will fully see and enjoy the Brightness of His Glory. PRAISE HIS NAME.


Dear Lord, When I think about my yesterdays,

I remember all Your wondrous ways.

I remember how I lived in sin,

Had no joy or peace within.

You continued to call at my heart's door,

>Till I felt the presence of the heavenly shore.

Oh, those were some wonderful days,

I felt Your presence in wonderful ways.

All my yesterdays taught me that I can depend

Upon you Lord, my dearest Friend.

Today, I feel your wonderful power,

You meet my needs, yes, hour by hour.

It's such a privilege to walk with You!

I feel Your touch, You'll see me through.

It doesn't matter where the path may be,

I know God, You're leading me.

Tomorrow? It's hidden away from me,

It's hidden so I cannot see.

Tomorrow, It could bring a vale of tears,

But You'll hold my hand and calm my fears.

I do not know what it will bring,

But with You Lord, I've reason to sing

For in my tomorrows I'll see Your face,

And sing of Your Amazing Grace.

Help me to live each day for You,

And may Your love come shining through.

Today, tomorrow, there are souls to win.

Their burden is the load of sin.

Yes, I remember my yesterdays,

To serve You Lord, it really pays.

I felt Your touch and saw Your power,

You helped me through the darkest hours.

Today, I'm walking by Your side,

I'm safe when in Your love I hide.

Tomorrow, it's within Your care,

I'll do my best Your love to share. AMEN

by Arlene R. Wright


by Howard E. Wright (Arlene's fellow pilgrim for 28 years)

You would have thought with all of the problems Arlene went through she would have been down cast. Such was not the case. She keep the faith and the victory right down to the last. She went very peacefully into "The Brightness of His Glory" on November 28, 1995 at 7:40 PM.

Arlene lived what she preached. She loved the Lord with all of her heart mind, soul and strength. The last two years of her life were filled with a lot of pain. She fell in a hospital on February 24, 1993. Five weeks later, after getting out of that hospital and going to another one, we discovered she had a compound fractured hip. She never did fully recover from this. She was mostly bedfast. She was in various hospitals some 15 to 17 times after this. This never stopped her from doing what she could. She was an accomplished pianist and would go play for the church services when she could barely motivate. Her last sermon was on October 8, 1995 in the morning worship service. This was a little over a month and one half before she went into "The Brightness of His Glory." She preached on the "I Am's of Jesus!" What a message. During this time it looked like she was on her way up. Her strength was coming back. She had graduated to a four prong cane. She was beginning to feel better. She was able to do more. We were encourage with her progress. Then she got pneumonia and had two more hospital stays before she went to be with the Lord.

Arlene was a real pray warrior She had a long prayer list she went through every day. She loved God's Word. She lived to preach and witness for Jesus. She had a real influence on the people at the various hospitals she went to. She would tell them how wonderful Jesus was to her and get them talking about their experiences and cares. She would pray for them when she was so sick she could hardly talk. The nurses, at the hospital she was at the most, dearly loved her. She was always kind to them regardless of how sick she was. They treated her like a queen.

Arlene's funeral was not a sad occasion. It was a time of celebration. A time when one of God's children went to be with Him. God was there in a wonderful way. We were all blessed with His presence. It was His way of saying, "Arlene is all right. She is here with Me." Here is the order of her funeral service.

Funeral Service

Rev. Arlene R. Wright

December 3, 1995

Welcome Rev. Vince Flippo, pastor of the Mason City Church of the Nazarene in Mason City, Iowa.

Extinguish One Candle Representing the "Body", Allow the Candle Representing the "Spirit" to Burn.

Opening Scripture: Some Favorite Passages which were meaningful to Arlene:

John 14:13 "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

1 Corinthians 15:58 "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."

Psalm 23

Invocational Prayer

Congregational Hymn #85 "Amazing Grace"

Scriptural Passage: Psalm 34

Special: "It Took a Miracle" -- Kay Schumaker

Biography/ Eulogy -- Rev. Glen Moore, Arlene's Brother

Special: Arlene's Favorite: "The Love of God"-- Kay Schumaker

Scriptural Passage: Arlene's Favorite, Psalm 103

Pastoral Message: Dr. Pal L. Wright, District Superintendent (Joplin District Church of the Nazarene)

Pastoral Prayer: Dr. Pal L. Wright, District Superintendent (Joplin District Church of the Nazarene)
Scriptural Passage: Psalm 91

Special: How Great Thou Art -- Cathy Christensen

Scripture Meaningful to Arlene:

1 John 4:4 "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world."

1 John 5:4 "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."

Transfer of Membership to the Church Triumphant

Congregational Hymn 677 "Blest Be the Tie That Binds"

Closing Prayer


1. The Committal Service will be tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at Memorial Cemetery

2. All are welcome to the After Service Fellowship in the downstairs fellowship hall.

This little poem, by one of Arlene's friends sent to her husband, sums up the whole thing very well.


God saw that she was getting tired,

And a cure was not to be,

So He put His arms around her

and whispered "Come with Me"--

With tearful eyes we watched

Her suffer and fade away--

Although we loved her dearly,

We could not make her stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,

Hard working hands were laid to rest,

God broke our hearts to prove to us,

He only takes the best.

sent to pastor Wright by Retta Sheeley

May the Lord bless you as you labor to enter into


Arlene is greatly loved and missed by her husband, family and friends, but none of us would want her to have to come back to this world of sin and woe. We look forward to joining her some day in "The Brightness of His Glory"! In the mean time I don't think she is to far away from us. She is one of those who are of the great company of the saints who are cheering us on to enter into "THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY"!

© 1997 Howard E. Wright

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