In midnight's darkest hour,

When our body is filled with pain,

Let's see the Brightness of His Glory,

For He suffered for our gain.

When our temperature is raging,

And for water we would cry,

Let's think how Jesus cried "I Thirst,"

And gave Himself to die.

'Tis the saddest of all pictures

His dying on that tree,

But it was the Brightness of His Glory--

He paid the price for you and me.

His purpose was to redeem the world,

That's why He came to die.

He poured His blood upon the cross,

To save and sanctify.

Then Satan said so proudly,

Well, that's the end of Salvation' plan!"

But, no, just the fulfillment,

He died to redeem each man.

In the Brightness of His Glory,

He arose from death's cold sway

To live and reign forever,

A great TRIUMPANT day.

And so because He suffered

Heartaches and troubles sore,

He knows just how you're feeling.

He has plenty of grace in store.

When cares and trials come our way,

To the Master we must go.

You can feel His very presence,

His peace will fill you so.

It has been the Brightness of His Glory,

That has thrilled my heart so much.

It's just filled me through and through,

It's so sweet to feel His touch.

There's a wonderful day ahead,

For you and me, my friend,

When this our earthly race is run,

And we've endured until the end.

It's there we'll really see Him,

Our Savior, Master, Guide.

He's walked the path before us,

And He's always at our side.

It's now through a glass darkly,

But then we'll really see,

The Brightness of His Glory,

Through all eternity.

We'll see the mansions He's prepared--

Our robes of purest white.

But all we'll do is praise Him,

Who has kept us with His might.

We must never cease to tell it,

God's sweet and loving story,

How Jesus bled and died for all,


by Arlene R. Wright


In the summer of 1971, I faced a surgery in the which I was to have a tumor removed from my pituitary gland. It was pressing on my optic nerves, and causing me to lose some of my sight. At that time my husband, Rev. Howard E. Wright from Brazil, Indiana, was pastoring the Church of the Nazarene in Olivia, Minnesota. This was about 100 miles from Minneapolis where I had the surgery.

As I read my Bible during those days, just before my surgery, I read the words "THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY" from Hebrews 1:3. These words stayed with me and although my thinking was not too clear at the time, they burned their way into my soul. Later I could not remember where I had them or read them. During those days, before and after my surgery, I fully realized the marvelous BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY. We had walked through the valley of the shadow of death together, but all I saw was His Glory. As I felt His presence He reassured me I would live through the surgery and continue to serve Him. It has now been over 20 years, and I am still seeing His glorious GLORY as we are walking together.

At the present time my husband is the pastor of the Yates Center church of the Nazarene in Yates Center, Kansas where I am the associate pastor. God has honored me by allowing me to be an ordained elder in the Church Of The Nazarene. It is a great thrill to stand behind the pulpit and preach God's Holy Word. My earnest prayer is that God will take this humble work, and make it a blessing to your heart. Through these pages may you see THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS GLORY.

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