Window (2) MY MASTER

Our father had no religious training in his home. His mother died when he was 6 years old and soon his father went to California. When he was 11 years old he had to go to work as a farm hand. He used to tell us how he would stay in the upstairs of the farm house and sometimes the siding of the house wasn't very good and snow would blow in between the boards. Of course, he was homesick and missed his family very much. Because he had to work in the fields late in the fall and early in the spring; his education was limited.

When Mom and Dad met, Dad used Jesus name in vain very often. But after he found the Lord he never ever used God's name in vain again, only glorified and praised Him. He had a sister, Sadie, who was a beautiful Christian, and she had quite an influence on his life. She got to know Mom's parents and took Dad with her to meet them.

Mom was from a Christian home and her parents were members of the Free Methodist church. She was the niece of Rev. David S. Reed, who was the District Superintendent of the San Francisco District in the Church of the Nazarene. At that time it included two thirds of California and all of the state of Nevada. He was also a good friend of H. Orton Wiley. Mom wasn't a Christian during her teen years and has told us how afraid she would be to stay home while the rest of the family went to prayer meeting. She was so afraid that some Gypsies would come or a bum. Grandpa would have visiting evangelists come to their home for meals and when they would ask Mom about her soul, she resented it.

She knew she wasn't living a Christian life and would be under conviction.

Mom and Dad's wedding took place in Mineral Point, Wisconsin on September 22, 1920. Grandpa and Grandma Smith were very concerned about Mom and Dad's spiritual state. After they had been married for a year or so, my grandparents invited them to some revival services that were being held in their church. They went one night and the next day had quite a talk. They decided that they wanted to get saved and bring up their family for the Lord.

When the altar call was made that night my folks went to the altar. The Lord told Mom He wanted her to go back and ask her parents to forgive her. Of course, they forgave her and thus begin a new life. Many times I have heard them testify of how glad they were they made that choice. God gave them five children and the three oldest are ordained ministers. All of us are Christians today, and I'll praise God through out eternity for such Godly parents.

When I was 8 years old I realized I needed Christ as my personal Savior, and gave my heart to Him. Sorry to say I didn't live a consistent Christian life, but came many times to ask forgiveness again. God was always there and forgave me and now He truly is my Master. He doesn't tire of my coming to Him, whatever my need. It wasn't until I was twenty years old that I found His sanctifying power. During my teen years we attended a church that believed in holiness, but I never understood what it could do for me.

After hearing a sermon that explained it as an experience I needed, I went to the altar and died to self and was filled with His sweet Holy Spirit. This has given me an inner brace that established me spiritually. My parents know I was trying to live a Christian life, and didn't know of my deep spiritual need. God did and He has satisfied every longing of my heart.


As Jesus walked upon the earth,

He met a woman one day.

Seven devils claimed her soul,

And held her in their sway.

He cast the devils out of her,

They found they had to flee,

For the Master of the Universe

Had come to set her free.

Her name was Mary Magdalene,

Now, Jesus was Master and King.

Such peace and joy filled her soul,

She couldn't help but sing.

But one day, while following Christ,

Her heart was filled with loss.

For her Master, and her Friend so dear,

Was nailed upon a cross.

She watched them take Him down from there,

And followed to the tomb.

She saw just where they laid Him;

Her heart was filled with gloom.

When the Sabbath day was over,

On the first day of the week,

She walked along the garden path,

Her soul was sad and bleak.

She found the stone was rolled away,

Christ's body wasn't there.

She ran to tell the disciples,

So filled with deep despair.

The disciples went into the sepulchre,

And found that it was so.

Jesus' body wasn't there!

Where He was, they didn't know.

As she knelt there by the tomb,

Such sadness o'er her crept.

Then she saw two beautiful angels,

Who asked her why she wept.

She told them that someone had come,

And taken Christ's body away,

Not knowing that just behind her,

Stood the One she sought that day.

In turning, she saw there was a man,

Who asked her why she cried.

She didn't know it was her Lord,

She's seen Him crucified.

She thought He was the gardener,

And might know where Christ lay,

She said, "If you know where my Master is,

I'll take His body away."

Then Jesus called her by her name,

And she knew that it was He

Who set her free from demons,

And gave her victory.

"Rabboni Oh, Master!" she cried out.

Yes, He came back to life again.

He's the Master of the Universe,

Of death and hell and sin.

Today, He is my MASTER.

He forgave me of my sin.

He cleansed my carnal nature,

Put His Holy Spirit within.

I always want to serve Him,

He's the Master of my soul.

I've given my life and heart to Him,

I'm under His control.

It's wonderful to follow Him,

And let Him have His way.

I have such peace and happiness,

He's my MASTER every day.

by Arlene R. Wright

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