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The college work wasn't easy for me for I hadn't been in school for some time. Being 28 years old, I had to train myself carefully to study again. God was by my side and helped me all the way. Knowing I would get my first Theology test paper back one day, I went to the prayer chapel in my dorm and asked God to help me accept whatever grade I made. Then if it wasn't good, to try all the harder. A B on my test paper helped me realize all the more what God was doing for me and I gave Him all the glory.

Living with my problem in college wasn't easy, for my body still was not normal. With a little under padding at least I looked normal. Being about 5 foot 1 inch tall, and my mother being only 4 ft. 10, I didn't think that I was too short. To compensate for my problem I tried to forget that there was any thing wrong with me. It was the only way I could feel good about myself. Of course, I could never forget the truth, but few at Bethany ever dreamed I had this problem. If they had I'm sure they would have been very kind about it.

One time, especially when God helped me, was a day I was to preach in Homiletics class. The day before I was to preach, I had a paper to finish for another class. This was completed before time for prayer meeting. When I got back to the dorm that night, I was too tired to make my outline for the sermon I was to preach the next morning. So I set the alarm for 5:30 A. M. and went to bed. It didn't ring and I woke just in time to get dressed and go to breakfast. It was necessary to have an outline for the teacher, Dr. Harold Hoyt, as well as the one I'd use. Working on the outlines between classes, I finished them on time. This was the second time I was to preach in class. Each student filled out an evaluation sheet on the other student's sermon as they preached. The first time I preached I talked too fast I learned a valuable lesson from this. This time I slowed down and got an A on the sermon. To God be the glory.

When the spring semester ended, I went home for the summer. Being very tired from all my studies, I just rested and did what I could around home. My parents and I went on vacation to visit friends and loved ones in Wisconsin.

As fall approached I asked God what He wanted me to do about going back to college. He assured me that I should go back. The verse of Scripture I stood on is found in 11 Timothy 1:12, "For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day." The Sunday morning before I was leaving to go back to college, after the morning service, we were out at the car about ready to leave, when our pastor's wife came up to me and put a 20 dollar bill in my hand, telling me that something told her to do that. I knew the amount wasn't the thing that really counted, but the fact that God would provide for me. It was very assuring just to know He was with me and would help me all the way.

Working as a receptionist at my dormitory didn't pay much of my bill. Every nine weeks we had to have our finances checked before taking tests. Each time I prayed and claimed the verse I mentioned above. God brought me through that year also. Since I was working toward a Certificate of Theology, which covered all the material required for ordination, I only had one more year to go. That summer, at home, God was telling me I would have a hard time getting back in college in the fall owing more than $500.00 to the college and having no way to pay it. It was my prayer that God would have His way. When it came time for me to go back, after praying, I felt sure it was His will for me to go back to college. After arriving back at Bethany I told my dorm mother, Mrs. Lucille Bohannan, about my situation. She advised me to go to the business office and see what they would decide about it. They couldn't let me register, for I already owed too much. I could understand it, since my bill was so high.

On a Tuesday morning, classes had started the day before, I made my way to the prayer chapel. There I poured out my heart to God, telling Him I was there to serve Him. Since I knew He had told me to come back, however He worked it out it would be fine with me. If He wanted me to get a job in Oklahoma City to earn money to pay the bill, I would be glad to do it. Laying all of my burden at His feet, I was filled with the most beautiful spirit of peace. It came in billows, and just kept rolling over my soul. This IS another great memory I will always cherish. On Thursday at that week, I went into Oklahoma City to some employment offices. On Friday, I was all set to take a typing test. Seeing I was going to stay with some friend in Oklahoma City, Thursday evening some of my friends took me out to the dorm to get some clothes I would need the next day. When I came back to the car I couldn't find my purse, so I thought I had left it in the dorm. The purse had been in the car all the time, but there was a special reason I was delayed.

As I was about to get back into the car, our dorm receptionist called to me, and said I had a long distance call.

Before I had written home to tell the folks about my situation, Mom had dreamed that I was in my room crying like my heart was broken. She knew something was wrong.

She told me that Mr. Lester had given me $300.00 more, and that she would do her best to pay $25.00 a month on my bill.

God was at work all the time and again how can I ever praise Him enough. After a great time of rejoicing and getting my things from the car, I went back to my dorm and the next day registered for classes. In May of 1959, I graduated with a Certificate of Theology. The only time Mom and Dad ever made it to Bethany was for my graduation, and how glad I was to have them there.

It was in the Brightness of His Glory that I went to college and prepared myself for His service. It was such a privilege to attend a Nazarene College and I made so many beautiful friends there. There were so many wonderful experiences, but it would take another book to tell it all to you. Just to know Him, my Lord and my God, is the greatest knowledge of all. If you don't know Him, He is waiting with outstretched arms for you to come to Him.


Just to know that He is near me,

As I walk the Christian way.

Just to know that I can trust Him,

For He keeps me everyday.

Just to know when I am lonely,

And my heart would tend to grieve;

Just to know that He still loves me,

Then such comfort I receive.

Just to know that when my body

Is racked and filled with pain,

Just to know that He too suffered,

Yes, He suffered for my gain.

Just to know when trials come,

And I cannot see His face;

Just to know that He is conqueror,

And He'll keep me by His grace.

Just to know Christ is my Savior,

And He dwells within just now,

Just to know my sins forgiven,

As before His face I bow.

Just to know my carnal nature,

Has been killed or crucified.

Just to know I have the blessing,

For which cause my Savior died.

Just to know the inner wooing

Of the precious Holy Ghost,

Just to know His cleansing power,

Has reached unto the uttermost.

Just to know when Satan comes,

I have that inner brace.

Just to know He'll keep me true,

With His grace I'll win the race.

Just to know that blessed Godhead,

Has a place within my life.

Just to know and feel God's presence,

While living in a world of strife.

Just to know it won't be long,

Until I'll see His face.

Just to know until that day,

He'll keep me by His grace.

by Arlene R Wright

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