As I begin this chapter I wish I could tell you I was able to get into the full time ministry, but that didn't happen. Since I had no openings at the time, I didn't have much choice but to go home with my parents after graduation. The first year out of college I had a few openings. In Glenwood, Iowa I helped in Vacation Bible School. Their pastor was my first Nazarene pastor, Rev. Everett 0. Davis. In August I had charge of the children's work at the Tabor Nazarene Camp. During youth week I helped with the program at the Church of the Nazarene in Marshalltown, Iowa. It was a joy being the teacher of the teens Sunday school class in my local church, and I tried to stay busy in the work of the Lord. After my graduation I still owed quite a bill to the college. Even though I wasn't sure how I would pay it, God provided in a wonderful way. One of the men in our church was the assistant manager of the Montgomery Ward Store there. He had hired me to address advertisements from their ledgers. Of course, this was only part time work, but each time a payment was due, I would pray about it and in a few days I would receive a call to come to work. God does supply our every need. When we do our best, in every area of our lives, He will ever be by our side to provide in every way.

In 1960, I wasn't feeling very well, so Mother wanted me to see a new doctor, which I did. He decided that my condition was caused by what is called Turner's Syndrome. This is caused by not having the right amount of chromosomes. He didn't realize he put me under the floor boards for all the confidence I had been able to build up in my college days, was wiped away. I was told my hands were to big and that I had feet like Minie Mouse. I don't think he realized what affect this had on me. But God stood by me and sustained me through these days. It is wonderful to know we have a God that understands us. My parents and family understood some of what I was going through, but God fully understood it. He knew my humiliation, struggle and battle. He was always there to comfort and guide me. Since I was His child I knew He would see me through any problem I ever had to face. He was my constant comfort and strength.

When we realize how small we really are, and how strong He is, we will fully realize how much we must depend on Him each day for our help. As the Psalmist said, "My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth." - Psalms 121:2 Regardless of the nature of your problem, God cares about you and your life. Everything that concerns you concerns Him. The important thing is to keep our heart right with the Lord, and we know He will give us the grace to go through each problem that we must face in life. For about five months my father and I shared a supply pastorate at Iowa Falls, Iowa. He would preach on Sunday morning and then I would preach at night. The next week we would turn it around and I would preach in the morning and he at night. God blessed us as we worked together.

My youngest sister, Colleen, was married and had two small children. In 1963, 1 felt led of God to move to California and care for her children while she worked. This I did for three years. Dick, Ella and their family lived in that area and it was nice to be close to them.

It was my greatest desire to be in the full time ministry, earning my own way. What we want and what God wants, isn't always the same. But God does know what is best for us and can see down the road and will lead us in His ways. His way is always the best way. Many days during the three years I lived with her, I felt that I was a failure in every way. I had prepared for the ministry, and now I wasn't able to fulfill that call. Yet, I knew God wanted me to be there during that time. God showed me through a sermon, we are successful in life if we do our best and do what He asks us to do regardless of how small or menial the task may be. It was a joy to help Colleen and her children when they needed me, but I wasn't in the ministry. God gave me this poem and many times God has reminded me of it. Real success is doing our best at whatever He has given us to do. We. one day, will be home with the Lord, and then we will fully know how successful we have been. What God thinks is so much more important than what others think of us, or of what we think about ourselves. Our Lord went to the cross to purchase our salvation so we may suffer some, but it could never compare to what He suffered for us. As we are being used for the glory of the Lord, He will show us the Brightness of His Glory.


What is success, Dear Lord,

It's talked about so much,

And those who try to find it.

Find it very hard to touch.

To some it is position,

To others it's progress.

Or maybe it's prestige,

Or the things that we possess.

But what is your opinion?

What really is success?

Is it just the things of this world,

Or does it have a sacredness.

And then I am reminded,

That life is but a day,

And what we do in this world,

Well someday get the pay.

Oh, I could be a great success,

In everybody's eyes,

But if I make my bed in hell,

It is failure in disguise.

So Lord, I want to follow You.

In every way You lead.

And though I fail in others eyes.

I know in Yours I will succeed.

And when my life on earth is done.

And I behold Your face,

I'll be so glad I followed You.

And leaned upon Your grace.

by Arlene R. Wright

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