In 1966, I started to notice a loss in my sight. When I was no longer needed at Colleen's, I decided to return to Iowa My sight was making it hard for me and the doctor couldn't seem to find out what the problem was. After being home for two or three weeks, Mom and Dad left for California to spend Christmas with our family there. I spent Christmas with my sister, Bernie, her husband, Don, and their three girls. Christmas day we spent with Don's family and I had a very nice Christmas. On a very cold day, January the 20, 1967 I called Bernie to tell her I needed to go to town sometime that day. When she answered the phone, she sounded so strange. She told me Don was coming to get me and that I should get ready to come to her house, and that something had happened. By the time I hung up the phone and put on my coat and boots Don was there. Something was badly wrong, for Don didn't miss work unless he was very ill. It was just a few blocks from the folk's house to theirs and Don told me again that something terrible had happened. When we got to their house, Bernie told me our precious brother Dick had gone to be with his Lord at 6:00 A. M. Before I had left California I had wanted to see him so badly, but got sick and couldn't make it. It was heart breaking to think he was gone. What a comfort though to know he was with the Lord.

On the previous night, Thursday, the rest of the family had gone to prayer meeting. He wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home. When they got back home, they found him on the bed. It looked like he had been praying and tossed himself on the bed. He had a massive brain hemorrhage, so they took him to the hospital, and about 6:00 A. M. the next morning he smiled a beautiful smile and was with his Lord.

We talked about flying out for the funeral, but the decision was finally made to drive out so all the family could go. So we left the next morning We drove all day Saturday, Saturday night, and arrived at Colleen's on Sunday evening. Mom and Dad were there and were taking it very hard, but God had l His hand on them and was giving them grace. On Monday morning Glen and Alma came and took us to the funeral home. As I saw the body of my precious brother, the words "UNTIL HEAVEN" came into my mind. He was 42 years old and had lived through 16 operations on his leg and suffered more than any of us can imagine. Mom had asked him at Christmas time if his leg hurt and he told her it always hurt. He never let on and only at times could you see in his face how much he was really suffering. You never heard a word of complaint from him, but just his great faith in our wonderful God. He was not in the active ministry at the time of his death, because of his health, but he was always busy singing, preaching or teaching a Sunday School class.

That afternoon at the cemetery on a his overlooking a beautiful bay, the young man that had done Dick's gardening, fumed to his sister and asked her to pray for him, for he wanted to live a life like my brother had lived. Even in his death his influence lived on. God was good to us to let us have him as long as He did, for there were many times when we didn't think he would make it. His wife, Ella, was very brave, along with her family.

We left the following morning and had quite a trip home but made it safely. It wasn't easy going home to an empty house, but God was by my side. Even though I still miss Dick, it is wonderful to know he is no longer in pain, and I will see him again. It is just so long for now, I'll see you in heaven. His life was a real inspiration to me and his courage helped me over some of the hard places I faced in life. We can't understand all of God's ways, but we do know that our God doesn't make mistakes. Dick used all of the talents God had given him to glorify his Lord. He had such a beautiful voice and I am sure the courts of heaven are ringing with that voice today.

In my heart on that day as I stood by his casket, I was saying to him, this is good-bye for now, but I promise you I'll see you again on Heaven's shores and there we will never part again. In the meantime I have much work to do for the Lord. So Dick, just UNTIL HEAVEN, with you I will truly see the Brightness of His Glory.


I often thought of heaven,

With its streets of purest gold,

I have thought of all its beauty,

With its splendor yet untold.

I have thought about the mansions,

All the glories that are there,

The Jasper walls and pearly gates,

There is nothing to compare.

BR> Then I've thought about the people,

Who never have a pain,

There's no more tears or sorrow,

For this is God's domain.

Then I've thought about the Savior.

Who died at Calvary.

He rose again a Victor,

To give us victory.

I know that I'll be with Him.

In a fairer land above,

Where we will sing forever,

Of His never dying love.

Why am I so interested,

In this wondrous heaven fair?

I've just lost my darling brother,

And I know he's over there.

I know that I will see him,

Up in heaven some sweet day,

Where the sorrow will be singing,

And the night is turned to day.

When I see my Glorious Savior,

At that resurrection Day,

I'll see my darling brother,

For he won't be far away.

For on earth he lived for Jesus,

His life was a life of prayer,

He is singing up in heaven,

And He is happy over there.

UNTIL HEAVEN, precious Dick,

Until heaven, we'll. meet again.

We can walk and talk forever.

And the time will never end.

by Arlene R. Wright

(You may use this poem for a loved one by changing the relationship and the name.)

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