The Los Angeles District granted me my first District Ministerial License in 1966. white I was still living with Colleen. Since I had moved back to Iowa it was necessary for me to meet the Iowa board of Orders and Relations in July of 1967. The district has its own camp grounds near West Des Moines. Iowa My parents had purchased a cabin on the camp grounds that year and since that was where I was to meet the board, it gave us a good opportunity to get it cleaned up, the lawn mowed, etc. Dr. Eugene E. Phillips was our District Superintendent at that time and he told me about a young man pastoring at Hamburg, Iowa who would make someone a good husband. He asked me if he could tell this young man about me. It was heard to know what to say. Being concerned about the impression I would make, and yet being interested, I finally told him that it would be all right.

Of course, I told my folks about it and a few close friends. The first full week in August our District had Conventions and Assembly in the daytime and the camp meeting service at night Since my sight was not improving and I longed to be in the full time ministry earning my own living, I felt quite discouraged. A dear friend tried to encourage me and said she felt things might change after I had been to camp meeting.

One day I slipped up to some hills behind our cabin on the camp grounds, and had quite a talk with my Lord. In my prayer, I reminded Him that He had called me into His ministry and that that call was as clear as the day He called me. As I left that private vigil I knew that God was in control and would see me through. The answer to my prayers was on the camp grounds, but I didn't realize it.

On Friday night of that week, after the camp meeting service, they were going to show pictures of a fishing trip some of the pastors had won in a Sunday school contest. I don't remember now if they were slides or a movie. One of our friends had a bad headache. After the service I went to our cabin and got some aspirins for her, and took them to her. As I was nearing the tabernacle I prayed that if God wanted me to meet that young man from Hamburg, to let it happen. The first time I saw him was when he gave his first pastor's report. The next person to speak to me was Mrs. Phillips, the wife of the district superintendent, who asked me if I had met that young man from Hamburg yet. When I told her that I hadn't, she went to look for him and found him praying with someone. She took me over and introduced us. His name was Rev. Howard Wright. He was real easy to talk to and I realized that I was older than he. The next night Dr. Phillips didn't know we had been introduced, and brought him down to where I was and we were introduced the second time. That night I told him how old I was. While he walked me back to our cabin, he mentioned coming up to see me the next day, which was Sunday. Mom and Dad had suggested that I invited him up for dinner, which I was reluctant to do.

When he mentioned coming up to the cabin to see me, I felt free to invite him for dinner. So we had a wonderful meal together, for my Mom was a great cook. He was a tease right from the start. As we walked back down to the tabernacle for the afternoon service, I mentioned that the gravel was hard to walk in. He told me not to worry for if I fell he would help pick me up. An so we started a great romance. The Spear family was our camp singers that year. Brock Spear told us in the afternoon service to turn to the one next to us and tell them we loved them. The my mother couldn't pass up. There was a lady friend sitting between Mom and me, but Mom reached around her and said, "Be careful, Arlene, be careful", and gave me her sweet grin. We sat together in the evening service and exchanged addresses.

Howard and I began to correspond and I invited him to come up and be with us for his vacation. We lived about 310 miles from him in northern Iowa. He lived in the southwest comer of the state. He was able to come and we had a wonderful time together. It was that week that we fell in love. Later I received a letter from him asking me to be his wife. Up to this time I had not told him anything about my personal problem which made it impossible for me to ever have any children of my own. At this particular time I wrote him to tell him about this, but did not tell him the reason. Then I went to a doctor to have examination to see if I could be a wife. How afraid I was that I would get a negative answer, but praise the Lord, I was all right. After this I wrote him a full explanation of all I knew. My mother wrote some things that would have been too hard for me. In this letter I told him if he felt he couldn't be happy with me, knowing we would never have a family of our own, that he was free to find someone else, and that I would pray for him that God would give him a good wife. Because I loved him very much, I didn't want him to marry me and be unhappy. This was the hardest letter I ever wrote. It wasn't that I doubted his love, but I wanted him to be happy more than anything, even if I had to pay the price.

He wrote that he thought that God had put me on the angel program, for angels don't have babies either. He still wanted me to be his wife, and I was about the happiest woman in the world. So many times I had wondered if I could ever find a man who would love me in my condition, and my God again showed his great love for me.

In twenty eight years of married life I have never had to ask my husband if he loved me, for proves his love in so many ways. On November 21, 1967, dressed in the wedding gown my Mom had made for me, we were united in wedlock by Dr. Gene E. Phillips. We had a beautiful wedding and lovely reception. Then we went to Brazil, Indiana for our honeymoon. None of Howard's family could come to our wedding so we went to be with them on our honeymoon After a short stay with them we came back to Mason City, and got our things. One of our friends used his pick up truck with a camper on it to carry a little furniture that we had bought. The folks went with us and that evening I arrived at my new home. Oh, how happy I was Home, yes, a home of my own, and a wonderful husband to work with in the ministry. How good God has been to me.

Since that time I have had many physical problems, but God has gone with us through it all. The love I have received from my husband is just a little insight to the Brightness of His Glory. As children of the King we can expect God to do great things for us, that far exceed our imaginations. That is what God did for me in so many ways. He will do it for you, remember He loves you so much and has your best interest at heart. Don't forget, if you have accepted Him as your Savior, you are the child of the King.


If we've given our lives to God,

We're the children of the King.

But the way some of us look,

You'd think the opposite thing.

You see some with long faces,

They even wear a frown.

Their Father is King of kings,

And wears a brilliant crown.

Oh, yes, we have troubles,

A problem here or there,

But our King will lift our burden,

If we go to Him in prayer.

Sometimes it is a financial need,

More bills than we can pay.

But if our tithe is paid in full,

We can trust Him all the way.

He'll show us how to manage things,

Provide our every need.

In our way we're going to fail,

But in His, we will succeed.

Our Father, the King, is very rich,

His wealth cannot be told,

In heaven there is a great supply,

Its streets are paved with gold.

Our King really wants to help us,

To take each burden away.

He's big enough to handle it,

We need to just obey.

Oh, Satan will bring that burden back,

He dislikes that smiling face!

Tell him you're leaning on the Lord,

And trusting in His grace.

Tell him, if he wants to discuss it,

Discuss it with the Lord.

You have a peace within your heart,

This world cannot afford.

You have a right to be happy,

To pray and sing and shout.

We're children of the King of kings,

We need not have a doubt.

The Day will soon be coming,

When we'll see Him face to face.

We'll crown Him King of kings,

For He suffered in our place.

So when cares and problems come,

Remember your Father is King.

He'll take that burden away from you,

And cause your heart to sing.

by Arlene R Wright

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