It was necessary for me to have cobalt treatments although I didn't have cancer. If they missed a cell of the tumor in surgery, it could grow and that would mean another surgery. As an out patient, I would have this done five days a week. The big problem was, where was I going to stay. They had a hall, Powell Hall, where you could rent a room, but our budget wasn't big enough to allow for that. It became a matter of prayer. One day a young nurse was in my room and I was explaining my problem to her when she told me she had a room in Powell Hall, and she didn't sleep there and I was more than welcome to use it while I had my cobalt treatments. God heard and answered prayer again. Four out of the five weeks of treatments 1 used her room and paid her a small fee. She didn't even want to take that. God does have a way of working things out if we will but trust Him.

On July 30th, I was dismissed from the University of Minnesota Hospital. The day before I was to leave the hospital Mrs. Margaret Bloom, our district superintendent's wife, gave me a wig. It made me so happy to know I wouldn't have to go around with a skull cap. We could never thank the wonderful people who were so kind to us at this needy time in our lives. When I was dismissed from the hospital I remember how strong I felt and had plans of going home and doing some housework. When I got home I found I wasn't as strong as I thought I was. One of our teen aged girls had cleaned our parsonage. How I appreciated that.

The following Monday we were back in Minneapolis and it took them three hours to put the red markings on the sides of my face, to correspond with the area of the tumor. Since I didn't have cancer the treatments didn't make me sick, but I felt quite weak.

One of the greatest thrills of my life came during assembly. Howard and I were both up for ordination. We met the board and I praise God that our church is so careful about the ministers they ordain. They had asked my husband what he would do if they didn't ordain him. He told them that God had ordained him years ago, and it would not change his ministry. As we went to our room after that meeting, which was after the evening service, I wasn't sure whether they would ordain me or not, but I committed it to the Lord, knowing He was fully in charge of my affairs. The next day we were informed that we were both going to be ordained. I called my parents and told them about our ordination and they were able to come and be with us for that important event.

The week before coming to camp, Howard and I had looked in Minneapolis for a suitable dress for me for ordination. Anything we could afford wasn't suitable, and what was suitable, we couldn't afford. After resuming home we went to Willmar, Minnesota and there I found a beautiful three piece suit on sale at half price. It was just what God wanted me to have, and I am still wearing it from time to time. God does care about anything that is a problem to us, no matter how small it may be. Oh, how much we owe to our great and wonderful God.

If you would have seen me at the time of ordination, you may have not known me. For one thing my wig wasn't the same color as my hair. Then I had gained some weight, and I had red X's on the side of my face for the cobalt treatments. If I had lost those markings it would have taken them another 3 hours to remark them.

Talk about thrills, that night was full of them. As our group marched to the front of the tabernacle to the tune of "Called unto Holiness" I remember how thrilled I was. Earlier the choir sang "There's Something About That Name." The greatest thrill of all came as an answer to my prayer. Dr. George Coulter was our General Superintendent and I appreciated the fact he would be laying his hands on me, but I asked God for His touch at this time, and God did touch me in a special way. What an honor it is to be an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. There is quite a debt I owe to my church. For it was there I heard the message of entire sanctification, had the privilege of going to a Nazarene college and met my wonderful husband. It is my hope that in some way I can give back to the church my life of service and love to my wonderful Lord.

The following Monday I went back to Minneapolis for two more weeks of cobalt I treatments. Of course, I was home each week end. My bill was over $7,000.00 and our insurance paid $5,000.00 of it. How we appreciated having that coverage. Dr. Norman Bloom presented our case to the Board of Ministerial Benevolence and they sent us a check for close to $1,000,00. He told us when we got the check and were going to go to the hospital to pay the bill, or what we could pay on it, he wanted to go with us. So on a set day he met us there. He explained that my husband was the pastor of the Church of the Nazarene at Olivia, Minnesota and that our salary was $50.00 a week. He told him how much the insurance had paid and that we had a check of almost a $1,000.00 that day from our General Church through Ministerial Benevolence, and asked him what he would suggest After placing the entire matter in God's hands, I put my complete trust in Him. If the hospital decided not to cancel any of the bill, then I knew that He would help us get the money to pay it. The man did some figuring on his adding machine and told us if we would give him a check for $810.05 that would take care of our bill. They forgave us $600.00. OH, GLORY BE TO JESUS. God took care of it all. We did our best to express our appreciation to him. My husband went to different departments at the hospital where we owed money, and they told him they were accepting the insurance payment as final payment. We had enough left to pay off a loan we had to make. Oh, what a thrill to serve a God that never fails us or forsakes us.

The greatest thrill of all is yet to come when I meet my Lord face to face. I am looking forward to that day, but each day it is a wonderful thrill to walk with Him. He fills me with the Brightness of His Glory. Each day there are new thrills and new insights into His glory. Oh, that I might be able to illuminate Him. As the moon has no light of its own, but just reflects the sun's light, I want to show forth the Brightness of His Glory to those all around me.


There could never be a greater thrill,

While on this earth below,

Than the thrill of walking with our God,

Oh, what a thrill to know.

I can feel His very presence,

As we walk along the way.

We have such sweet communion,

Especially when we pray.

We can walk with the very One,

Who put the stars in space.

He is so willing to be our Guide,

And keep us by His grace.

He'll give us such assurance,

When we take to Him our care,

He'll take that burden from our heart,

If we'll leave it with Him there.

Sometimes, down in the valley,

He doesn't seem so near.

But, if we don't keep trusting Him,

We must not live by feelings,

But in faith in God alone.

He's still right there beside us,

And He claims us for His own.

As we climb the VICTOR'S mountain,

We'll find He's sweeter still,

Than all we've ever dreamed of,

Oh, what a blessed thrill.

Take the thrills the world can give,

They never could compare,

To the joy of walking with our God,

And living in His care.

The best is still ahead of us,

We'll see Him face to face,

Who died to set us free from sin,

And save us by His grace.

The only way you'll know this thrill,

Is to do the Master's will.

To live each day alone for Him.

Oh, what a heavenly thrill.

by Arlene R. Wright

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