Window (13) SECURITY

We stayed for a few weeks with my folks. Then we were called to fill in during the vacation of the pastor at Olivia, Minnesota. We made an appointment with Dr. Norman Bloom. It looked like we were going to have to attend one of our Nazarene Colleges since Howard's credits went back to the 1960s. As we were visiting with the Blooms they told us about Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Mackety. They were going to try to start an Indian church in Minneapolis. They managed an apartment building on the University of Minnesota campus. This was of great interest to us. Dr. Bloom mentioned it was too bad they couldn't keep us around there so we could help them. Then he picked up the phone and dialed the University and found out they would accept all of Howard's credits. He took us over to one of the offices and Howard registered as a resident student. Although we had been out of state, since our credentials were still held my the Minnesota District, they accepted him as a resident student, which saved us quite a bit. He was able to use his veterans' college benefits. Dr. Bloom had called the Macketys to see if they had any apartments available. Since they did, we went over to see them. The only one they had was in the basement. It wasn't real nice, but I am always happy when I know I am in God's divine will. Then they showed us an apartment on first floor that had been spoken for. The man who rented it was to sign the papers the next week.

We went home to pray about it, and felt it was God's will. However, the man didn't sign the lease and Dr. Bloom drove all the way across town to sign it for us. So we had an efficiency apartment on the first floor. We had a Murphy bed that was fastened to the closet door. The bed folded into the closet during the day, and out into the living room at night. We stored some of our things with a good friend of ours in Mason City, and just took with us what we needed in our apartment.

It was important that I find a job. The apartment was very small and it would have been hard to be in it all of the time. At the employment office the only job I could find I thought would be suitable was a catalog selector at Sears. Howard took me over there and while I talked to the personnel director, the Lord told Howard I wouldn't get that job, but the next one. Sure enough, they had already hired the people they needed. It was back to the employment office at which time I was interviewed by a former minister. We had quite a talk after which he sent me over to the redemption center for the General Mills products where I was employed until Howard graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in small group speech communication.

It was a real joy working with Rev. and Mrs. Mackety. While we were there a beautiful church building was purchased. A lot of our time and energy went into helping get this church established. God kept His hand upon us during those years. When it came time for us to find a town to start a church in, the district didn't have the funds available to assist us. This became a matter of prayer. God knew our willingness to follow Him wherever He might lead.

When Howard finished his last term there, we had to move out of our apartment. You couldn't live there if you weren't a student. We stored our things in a room in the basement of our Indian church and went down to my folks. While there, one Sunday afternoon, I felt the need of getting alone with the Lord. Mom had laid down for her afternoon nap, Dad was resting in his chair and Howard was busy with something at the time. Taking my Bible, I went to a nearby park where I sat down at a park table to read. After reading for a while. I went walking by the river that went through the park, praying, "God, Jonah didn't want to follow you, but we do. You had a place for Jonah to go, surely you have a place for us. We only want to do your will." After a while, I went back up and sat at the park table again. When I glanced up the road at the bridge I saw a man looking for someone or something. It was hard for me to see very clearly whether it was my Dad or not He took a couple of steps, and when he started walking down my way, I knew his walk. Running up to meet him I put my arm through his, and we walked home together. The Lord spoke to me that day and said. "Arlene, Just put your arm through mine, and we'll walk home together." Talk about security, we have it as God's children. It wasn't long after that that we were called to pastor the Church of the Nazarene in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. This is about 21 miles north of Milwaukee. How I thank God for Godly parents who prayed for us through some very hard years, and showed us a little of God's great love through theirs.

There is no real security outside of God. The things of this world fade and lose their values. We may not have many of the things this world calls dear--possessions, homes, cars, and such, but if we are walking with the King of kings every day, knowing He will never fail us, we have the greatest security in the world. These things are not wrong, if we keep them in their proper place, but the most important thing we can do in life is to maintain a right relationship with God and be fully committed to Him and His will.

When I first started to preach my dream was to preach in every state in the United States of America by the time I was 40 years old. It was just that, a dream. That wasn't God's plan for my life. We will feel the security of His love as we lose ourselves in His plans and wishes. Many times God's promises have conditions. If you are not walking in full accord with God's plan for your life. then I am afraid you wilt feel insecure. Being fully committed to Him, and being used by Him is one of the greatest thrills of my life. When you are willing to give your best, you will be Amazed at what God will do with, and for, you. Life may not go the way you want it to, but it doesn't matter when you lose yourself and find that life in Him. All you need to do is turn yourself completely over to Him, and accept His will as the ultimate goal of your lives. Then you will find security.


Security, Oh what a word,

It's used so much these days,

By so many different people,

In so many different ways.

They are using it to advertise,

Yes, put your money here or there;

But the only place to find it

Is at the place of payer.

If you accept Jesus Christ

As your Savior and your Lord,

The security you have, my friend,

This world cannot afford.

They also say that love plays

A very important part,

In our feeling of security,

Yes, from the very start.

No greater love was ever shown

Than on that rugged tree,

Where Jesus paid the debt for sin,

For you--and yes, for me.

Oh, how secure we can feel

Within those arms of love,

And to know He sees our every need,

From His throne in Heaven above.

He knows when we are lonely,

Or we've troubles here or there.

Oh, what comfort we receive from Him,

When we go to Him in payer.

He tells us that He loves us;

He cares so very much.

Heaven seems to come to earth

When we feel His heavenly touch.

His resources are so plentiful,

His riches are untold.

The heavenly streets are even paved,

With that precious gem called gold,

His grace is all sufficient,

He has strength to give us, too.

He will always meet our need,

And He'll surely see us through.

The security we have in God,

This world can't understand.

He's there and always holding us,

In the hollow of His hand.

But if we disobey Him-

Go back to the life of sin,

We'll find His condemnation,

Where security had been.

Are you secure in God today?

For time and eternity?

He loves you and He's waiting,

To give real security.

by Arlene R. Wright

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