Window (14) WHY?

One day my iron needed cleaning while I was getting our clothes ready to go to family camp on the Wisconsin District. While using a cleaning and polishing product on it I had gotten some on the floor, but I had wiped it up. Camp was a very blessed time, and we enjoyed it so much. We came home on a Sunday night and the next morning Howard had left to help in our Boys and Girls camp. That evening I had taken off my shoes and lay down for a few minutes on the davenport. Then I got up and went into the kitchen to call my parents. They had been to the Iowa District camp that same week. After I finished talking to them, I came back toward the living room and my nylon stocking hit that spot and I came down with a bang. After trying to get on the davenport, and being unable to do so, I pushed my way down the hall and into our bedroom where I got the phone and called one of our church ladies. She came and called the doctor and the ambulance. The x-rays showed that my hip was broken. Howard came home from camp and I had surgery two or three days later.

Not long after that I had a very difficult time sleeping and if I did sleep it was a nightmare. Every bite of food I ate I forced down because I wanted to get well. Because of a serious mental problem I had to go back to the hospital after being home one night. After an examination I was informed by the doctor that my mental metabolism was out of balance. It was so bad I told my husband if God ever brought me out of this I could never praise Him enough and I am still praising Him.

My parents came and spent three weeks with us. The first week I was still in the hospital and the other two I was at our home in Cedarburg, WI. They were a tremendous source of encouragement and blessing. A week or so after they went home and since I was allergic to the medication I ask Howard to go in the living room to have prayer with me concerning my mental condition. When I begin to plead the blood of Jesus I could feel His healing touch.

We are often tempted to wonder why we have to go through these hard places, but when we consecrate ourselves to the Lord we are no longer our own. Perhaps because I went through this experience I will have more love and understanding for those with similar problems. We must reach out to all around us and let them know that we love them and that above all God loves them. He alone can lift their burdens and see them through a victorious Christian life as they view Christ in the Brightness of His Glory.


There is a very little word

That Christians should not use.

And when the temptation comes our way,

We need to just refuse.

When we use this little word,

It expresses doubt and fear.

Instead of faith and trust in God,

Who sees our every tear.

This little word so wrong is WHY.

Why did it happen to me?

Or to a loved one or a friend?

God's will? It couldn't be.

But if you gave your life to God,

He's the one Who has control.

It's for His glory and honor,

And a blessing for some soul.

We pray and tell the Lord each day,

"Use me for Your Glory."

But if things don't go our way,

Does He hear another story?

If we really mean this prayer

When trouble comes our way,

We'll know that God allowed it

And trust Him come what may.

He showed us His great love one day,

Yes, when He died for us all.

He has comfort and strength for us,

He's waiting for our call.

God knows what's best for us each day,

With eternal values in mind.

If we'd learn to lean on Him,

Such comfort we would find.

Many WHYS cannot be answered,

Till we reach our home above.

God will explain it to us there,

And we'll praise Him for His love.

So when the WHYS come to mind,

Just turn the other way.

Let God know you trust in Him,

He'll guide you every day.

by Arlene R Wright

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