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In the later part of May, 1972, we were visiting Howard's mother in Brazil, Indiana. He was the first of his family to turn to the Lord. He was 17 years old when he was saved. He had a hard time for a while, but one by one his family came to the Lord. His father was saved two years before he died. His mother is a beautiful Christian today and loves serving the Lord. His father went to be with His Lord on November 24, 1970.

While we were visiting Howard's mother, my dad called saying that mother and he were neither one well, and asked if we could come home and help them awhile. Our last pastorate had closed, sorry to say, but our furniture was stir there. In June we moved in with my folks. My sister, Bernie had pulled the heavy end of the load up to then. She would clean their house, do their washing and buy their groceries. Since we were there, it made things a little easier on her. We had both of them in the hospital at the same time. Dad didn't know Mom was there for several days. When Dad got home from the hospital, we rented a hospital bed for him and put an intercom by his bed and one by the davenport where we slept. All Dad would have to say was "Howard" and he would be there to help him anyway he could. My main job was to cook and take care of the dishes and house which I was so glad to do.

On November the 10th, Dad told me he didn't know how much more pain he could take. He had cancer of the bone and I tried to assure him that God would give him the strength and grace he needed until he took him to his heavenly home. It was usually he who encouraged me. There was a Hospice group in Mason City who worked with terminal cancer patients. They would come out in the afternoon and stay with the folks so we could get away for a while. Usually I didn't go, but on November the 11th, I went with Howard. We looked at trailer houses that afternoon and had a wonderful time. When we got home there was a car in the driveway. When I opened the back door, Bernie and Don's girl, Lynn, were standing there and crying. She told me that Dad had passed away while we were gone. As I went in to see him, I could hardy believe it. He was such a wonderful father, and I could never praise God enough for him. He lived such a Godly life and set such a wonderful example. Of course, this was hard for Mom, for they had been married for 62 years. God was with her through the funeral and all. Glen, Alma and their son Glen Eugene, came to the funeral, as wed as our youngest sister, Colleen.

The funeral was more like a victory celebration. A good soldier had gone home. The songs were '"What a Day That Will Be" and "Meet Me There." There was so much I appreciated about my father's life, especially the way he earnestly prayed about anything he was going to do. He not only told me the things I needed to know about the Lord, he lived it out in his life. He may not have known it, but he taught me some homiletics. The first thing he did when he had a message to prepare was pray and be sure he had the message God wanted him to preach.

We continued to live with Mom and help her. In June of 1984, she was pulling the drapery shut, and it didn't go down like it should. When she went to pus it down straight, she caught her foot in the fan cord and fell, breaking her hip. We had to take her by ambulance to the hospital where she had surgery. Since Howard and I were unable to take care of her, we had to put her in a nursing home. We ready didn't want to do this, but we didn't have a choice. Of course, we went to see her every day. Many times she thought she was going home, and I would have been so glad if she could have. It was very heartbreaking to remind her that she still couldn't walk, and that we were so sorry we couldn't take her home. About the first of August she had a heart attack and we put her back in the hospital. She got some better but died on August 13th with a perforated ulcer. Another brave soldier of the cross went home. God's grace was sufficient for that hour. It wasn't easy when I lost either of my parents, but I know I'll see them again on the heavenly shore. Their prayers are greatly missed, but I will always remember the path they blazed before me. "Until Then" was one of the songs sung at her funeral. Until God chooses to take me home, I want to be busy winning souls for Him. She was such a wonderful Christian mother.


Did you ever ask yourself this question,

"Does anyone really care?"

Your heart was almost broken,

It was more than you could bear.

The feelings that you had.

If they'd gone through what you had

They too would be so sad.

Others tried to show you sympathy,

They said they understood;

But all the counseling they gave you

Didn't do you any good.

There's One Who really understands.

He knows all you've been through;

He wants to show you that He cares,

Yes, He cares so much for you.

His heart was broken on the cross

When He sought the Father above.

And found He turned His back on Him,

To save us with His love.

God knows just how you feel, my friend,

Jesus cried when He saw the sorrow,

At Lazarus's tomb that day.

Although He raised him from the dead,

His heart was deeply touched.

He knows just how you ache inside,

And He cares so very much.

His life was not an easy one.

Disappointments and troubles sore.

At last He died upon the cross,

Has anyone suffered more?

He knew that some who followed Him,

Just to see what He would do.

They'd eaten the loaves and fishes,

And saw Him healing, too.

He knew that one day very soon,

This crowd would disappear.

They'd join the others to crucify Him,

And never shed a tear.

I'm sure that everything we feel

He felt on earth below,

God tells us that, in His Word,

And we know that it is so.

So take that heartache, or that care,

To one Who understands.

Hell fill your heart with cheer,

If you leave it in His hands.

by Arlene R. W right

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