Ah, yesterday, I have so many happy memories. Memories that will live on forever. Well, yes, there were a few bad ones along the way, but why think of the bad things when I have so many happy times to remember. Times when my family was all together and we were having such a good time. Times with many friends when I was a student at Bethany Nazarene College, now Southern Nazarene University. Times when Howard and I first met and the way we fell in love. The list could go on and on.

Today, is a new day, with new challenges. My God will take care of me today, like He cared for me in my yesterdays. He is ever ready to meet my needs and with each new day I realize anew how much I need Him in all of His power. On my own, I can't make it, but with His strength and power we can make it together. It I would think of trying it on my own, I'd fall flat on my face. God didn't plan on me making it alone, but with His able assistance. Whatever I have to face today, the Lord will be with me to give me counsel and guidance. Isn't that wonderful to know? "And ye are complete in Him, which is the head of all principality and power." Colossians 2:10; We often feel our inadequacy, but in our Lord we are complete and can conquer the foe, regardless of what it might be. As I have explained to you the many problems of my life, I can testify that God helped me to adjust to my problems and has given me the victory. We need more determination in our service to the King of kings. We shouldn't allow anything to stop us.

Tomorrow? That is full of question marks. We don't know about it or where it may lead us, but if we have committed them to the Lord, they shouldn't bother us. Although I am not saying you shouldn't plan ahead for days of retirement, I am saying we must not worry about it. Everything must be left in God's hands to be worked out in His timing and in His way. People have said, "I guess we'll just have to trust the Lord." Isn't that sad that after all these years following Him you have never learned to trust in Him? He must be hurt by our lack of trust and faith. We must learn to trust Him regardless of what comes or goes. If you can't put your trust in God, whom can you trust?

We may not know about our tomorrows, but if we have committed them to the Lord, let Him have them and make them the way He wants them to be, no questions asked. God is just as able to deliver us today, as He was to deliver Daniel, the three Hebrew children or any other of those we read about in God's Holy Word. God has not changed, but maybe the Christian has. Let's trust Him come what may, and just see what God can do for us and our lives.

Tomorrow, I look forward to seeing my Lord face to face. Won't that be wonderful to see the one who died for me and led me all the way through this life? It will be worth anything I may have to go through in this world to be welcomed home at last. Then I can spend the endless ages of eternity praising Him for all He has done for me. It will be then I will fully see and enjoy the Brightness of His Glory. PRAISE HIS NAME.


Dear Lord, When I think about my yesterdays,
I remember all Your wondrous ways. 
I remember how I lived in sin, 
Had no joy or peace within.

You continued to call at my heart's door, Till I felt the presence of the heavenly shore. Oh, those were some wonderful days, I felt Your presence in wonderful ways.
All my yesterdays taught me that I can depend Upon you Lord, my dearest Friend. Today, I feel your wonderful power, You meet my needs, yes, hour by hour.
It's such a privilege to walk with You! I feel Your touch, You'll see me through. It doesn't matter where the path may be, I know God, You're leading me.
Tomorrow? It's hidden away from me, It's hidden so I cannot see. Tomorrow, It could bring a vale of tears, But You'll hold my hand and calm my fears.
I do not know what it will bring, But with You Lord, I've reason to sing For in my tomorrows I'll see Your face, And sing of Your Amazing Grace.
Help me to live each day for You, And may Your love come shining through. Today, tomorrow, there are souls to win. Their burden is the load of sin.
Yes, I remember my yesterdays, To serve You Lord, it really pays. I felt Your touch and saw Your power, You helped me through the darkest hours.
Today, I'm walking by Your side, I'm safe when in Your love I hide. Tomorrow, it's within Your care, I'll do my best Your love to share. AMEN

by Rev. Arlene R. Wright
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