This is a power point presentation!  !church about think you way the change may It!  Enter at your own risk to be exposed to the honest truth concerning the lie promoted by most of today’s “Christian” churches!  You will face yourself and think about your relationship with God and others!  It will give you God’s way to overcome many of life’s problems!  May Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, bless you as you seek His will for your life!


Something is running out of control in the church!

We have no vision for the spiritual needs of the Church!

We have no power to help other people to God!

We have no hope in the Lord Jesus Christ!

We have no love for God and others!

We have lost our way to God!

We have no song in the night!

We have no direction in life!

We have no peace of mind!

We have lost our way!


Do you want to know why this can be in “civilized” America?

How would YOU answer these questions?


Would it be a hate crime to keep the truth from people and let them go to hell?

Will I go to hell if I refuse to accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord?

Is homosexuality a sin against God and society?


Is there any hope for me?

Can I know where I came from and where I am going?

Did God create this universe from nothing in six “creative days”?

Can I have a loving, personal relationship with God?

Is God really interested in me?

Is the devil a real person?


Does life begin at conception?

Is the Bible, as the Word of God, absolutely reliable?

Can I live a morally pure life in an impure world?

Is evolution a godless religious faith?

Will God forgive me for all the bad things I have done?


If you answered NO to any of the above questions, you are a big part of the why!

You have put yourself above God’s Word!

You are wandering about in sin’s dark night!

You have forsaken the main message of the Word of God!

You are a blind leader of the blind!

You have forsaken the God of your fathers!

You are lying to yourself and others!

You are a poor lost sinner without hope in God!

You are a false prophet!

You are a false teacher!

You have forsaken the offense of the CROSS of Jesus Christ!

You should not be a leader in the Church of the Living God!

You have replaced the authority of God’s Word with denominational pomp’s authority!

You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

You have not loosed the bands of wickedness!

You have not set the captives free!

Your denominational loyalty is leading you and others astray!

Your hatred of God and His ways is plain to see!

You cannot hide from God!

You are naked in God’s sight!

You cannot keep your rebellion against God that is working ruin on yourself and others forever!

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

I command you to stop your wicked rebellion against God right now!


Now that the reason for our national depravity is shown to the world, the church has no excuse for placing blame on everyone else!

We cannot place the blame on the communists or the United Nations!

We cannot place the blame on the abortionists or the homosexuals!

We cannot place the blame on our tyrannical government!

We cannot place the blame on our unsaved neighbors!

We cannot place the blame on our national debt!

We cannot place the blame on the devil!

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

I command you to repent of your personal depravity right now!


We need the Lord God of Glory to save us! Now that you have repented of your personal depravity, pray with me that the Lord God of Glory will deliver us from the following sinister curses!

A lack of Christian discipline in the Church that does not guide its membership to live a holy lifestyle!

Church leaders who oppose the Word of God's message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone!

Denominations that do not call people to repent of their sins, and to accept Jesus as their Savior!

Man’s rule of success (church marketing) that opposes God’s rule of church success (fruit unto holiness)!

Church leaders who have destroyed the Church with their “Purpose Driven Church strategies!

The curse of denominationalism that is dividing Jesus’ Church into opposing camps!

The church that man built that is so worldly-minded it is of no heavenly good!

The doctrines of demons that have crept into many of our churches!

Church leaders who have no personal up-to-date walk with God!

Church organizations that could do just fine without God’s help!

The doctrines of man that oppose God’s holy commandments!

Church leaders who love their sins more than they love God!

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

 I command the church to repent of its rebellion against God right now!


What engine is driving us to this place of national apostasy?

This National-Rebellion-Against-God engine has 21 cylinders that is accelerating its passengers to eternal ruin! It is powered by rebellion against God and His ways with an individualism that says, “As long as it does not concern me and my loved ones I do not care what happens.” It has all kinds of bright lights and dazzling displays to attract lawless people into its traps of doom. It runs on two tracks.  One track is: “Do not judge me!” and the other one is: “My religion is as good as yours!”  The engineer is the devil’s "free-thinkers" mob.  The conductor is the devil in sheep's clothing. It has no brakes!  Anyone who gets in front of it will be run over!  It's smoke is polluting the land!  You can go to its dining car and get the same pig's food the prodigal son ate.  You can go to its sleeping car and sleep the sleep of death.   If you like, you can just look out its fogged-over window in despair as you observe the desolation this train is driving you through to your eternal home (not the home God intends for you).  If you do not like the ride, then "listen up" to the rest of this presentation.  It will get much better. It has a "they lived happily ever after" ending!

Cylinder 1:  There is no fear of God to restrain evil.  Without a respect for God, there is no respect for His people.  Furthermore, without a respect for God there is no respect for any other authority.  Anarchy overruns our land.

Cylinder 2:  There is outrageous sin in and out of the church.  People who are professing to be speaking for God are telling others there is no such thing as sin, that what they do is their own personal choice.  Therefore, people are "freed" to experiment with alternate lifestyles.

Cylinder 3:  There is worldliness in the church.  You cannot tell the difference between the world and the church. 

Cylinder 4:  There is no spiritual discernment in the church.  Good is called evil and evil is called good.  People cannot tell whether God or someone else is talking to them. 

Cylinder 5:  There is no real love for God and others in the church.  There is a lot of lip service, but no faith that works through love.

Cylinder 6:  There is no faith that leads to faithful service for God and others.  Real faith believes that "God is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him" with their whole heart.

Cylinder 7:  There is the Laodicean attitude that says, “I am OK, you are OK.” The church is more interested in self-esteem then they are in how God esteems them. 

Cylinder 8:  There is an unwillingness of the church leadership to make hard discipline choices.  They are more interested in church finances than they are in church purity.

Cylinder 9:  There is a lack of vision that fails to honor God.  Having no vision of God or His program for the church, they make up their own.  Therefore, numbers become more important than spiritual growth.

Cylinder 10:  There is a lack of stewardship within the church membership.  They feel that no one has a claim on their time, talents or treasures except themselves.  They have no concept of being "caretakers" of what rightfully belongs to God.

Cylinder 11:  There is no burden for the eternally lost ones.  There is no concept of people having a need for a Savior to save them from the power and consequences of sin.

Cylinder 12:  There are false doctrines in the church that are placing man’s precepts above God’s commands.  There are many things that are passed off as “Christian doctrine” that is far from what the Bible teaches.

Cylinder 13:  There is an unwillingness of the church to go into the deep things of God.  They do not go on to perfection.  They do not “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Cylinder 14:  There are lazy people who want to be blessed without blessing God and others.  There are 50 year old “babes in Christ” who never made an effort to develop a loving, personal relationship with God and His people.  They expect to be “spoon-fed” by their spiritual leaders.

Cylinder 15:  There is a lack of devotion to God and His righteousness.  There are people in our churches who would sell off their spiritual liberty in Christ for a little fleshly pleasure in a heartbeat.

Cylinder 16:  There is no community spirit that leads to Christian unity.  Each is out for his/her own personal prosperity. It is all too individualistic with the attitude “you bless me!”  They have forgotten, or never knew, the command of Jesus that we were to love one another.  They do not take time to make friendships with the body of Christ.

Cylinder 17:  There is an unawareness within the church of the battle that is waged against God and His church.  These people have not drawn a "line in the sand" to serve notice to the devil and his combatants that to cross over the line constitutes a declaration of war.

Cylinder 18:  There is a lack of a personal, up-to-date relationship with God within the church leadership as well as its membership at large.  Many of the pastors in our churches are just as lost as the congregation they are “ministering to” each week.

Cylinder 19:  There is a half-hearted confession of sins with no suggestion that those sins should be forsaken.  Each Sunday morning the church is led in a prayer of confession of all kinds of diabolical sins without a call to personal repentance.  

Cylinder 20:  There are all kinds of spiritual idolatry displayed in the church membership.  Anything that is worshiped above the Lord God of Glory is an act of idolatry.

Cylinder 21:  There is selfish pride that refuses to acknowledge the need for personal repentance in our churches, big time!  Selfish pride has barred the gates of heaven for more people than all the other sins put together.  Some people are real good at giving their strong reasons as to why they will not go all out for God and His kingdom work.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

I command the church to stop this engine and board the Master’s train right now!


Look up! The answer is just around the corner! Before I show you how to stop this train and get on the Master’s train headed for eternal blessings, I would like to introduce myself along with a tool that will be of much help in this near impossible task that I am setting before you!


Pastor Howard Eugene Wright, who has written The Honest Truth: An Interactive handbook of Bible and Science for the Non-professional and its revision, has been an ordained minister for over thirty years. He was born January 28, 1938. He was born again in January 1, 1956. That same year God graciously filled him with His Holy Spirit. The next year he was called into the Christian ministry. He has been a student of the Bible most of his adult life. He has attended two Christian colleges: Trevecca Nazarene University and Northwest Nazarene university, and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B. A. in Small Group Speech Communications with minors in Earth Sciences and Biological Sciences. He also holds an M. A. degree in Christian Clinical Therapy from Cornerstone University. He taught high school chemistry while pastoring in North Dakota. He has also done course work in a wide range of the sciences. These studies have included Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Genetics, Geology, Histology, Microbiology, Physics and Zoology, to name a few. He has had the opportunity to compare Special Creation and the Evolution Theory on several occasions. He has written an article for the Bible-Science Newsletter entitled The Mythology of the evolutionist, which is included in his book. He married Arlene Roller Wright on December 3, 2001. He has preached in Kabale, Uganda Africa for the past two years (May 2004, May 2005) at Antioch I and Antioch II under the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit.

Howard Eugene Wright

You can contact him at: Email:         Phone: (620) 625-2660  

Address: 401 East Wilson Street  Yates Center KS 66783-1575

Howard Eugene Wright

Now that you know a little about me, we can get down to stopping this long train of rebellion against God.  I want you to know up-front that my main passion is not selling books.  My books are only tools you can use to stop the train and board the Master’s train that brings us to heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 

If we ever are going to get back to God, we are going to have to do what He tells us to do!  We need to put first things first.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:33 that we are to “seek first the kingdom of  God and His righteousness.” We are to let God give us the things we need after we have sought Him and His righteousness.  What does this mean?  Again, going to the Bible, God’s Owner’s Manual, we read in 2 Chronicles 7:13, 14, “If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people; if My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Spiritually speaking, we have had no rain of God’s Holy Spirit upon us for decades.  Whole generations have never seen a mighty out-pouring of God’s Holy Spirit.  We have been devoured by the locusts for just as long.  We are being devoured by all kinds of spiritual wickedness in high places.  We are plagued with all kinds of pestilence.  There are things that are plaguing us in our churches we never thought could happen.  The statistics for the world are about the same as those the church has to contend with at this very hour.  We do qualify for 2 Chronicles 7:14!

Seeing we are in a train that has no brakes and shows no mercy, we are going to need help from some source outside of ourselves.  The only help we have is the Lord God of Glory.  The God revealed in the Judeo-Christian Bible.  We need the God of Abraham, Moses and Samuel to help us.  We need the God of Peter, Paul and John to stop this train of rebellion against God and His Holy ways. 

God wants to help us.  He is pleading to us that we will come to Him to find deliverance from this rebellious train that is driving us to eternal ruin.  He cannot help us if we keep fighting Him.  We must come to Him in humility and faith.  We must “believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him” with their whole heart.

This is the only way we are going to see “God Bless America, or any other nation as far as that is concerned.  We have done it our way long enough!  Let us admit it; we have made a mess of it.  We are much worse off now than when we were honoring God and His ways.  We have no human that can save us.  We need the Deity we forsook, the God of our Fathers, to save us!

Recently, the Lord has reaffirmed my call--to call people out of darkness into His marvelous light and out from under the power of Satan; to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God.  Therefore, what I am telling you comes straight from the Lord God of Glory.  Do not turn Him away!

Here is what God is calling you to do.  (1) Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and talk to Him about your need for His deliverance from all sin. This is your first step toward your Heavenly Father. (2) Call upon the name of the Lord.  His name is a name above every name.  He is steadfast and sure.  His name is the only one that can save us.  Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but through Me.”  It is at His name that every knee shall bow and confess that He is Lord to the glory of God the Father. (3) Seek God’s face.  To see His face you will need to turn from all your sins.  You will need to surrender your will to His will. (4) Turn from your wicked ways.  Everything that is against God and His ways is a wicked way.  Turn from everything His Holy Spirit reveals as a wicked way.

If we will do our part, God will do His.  (1) He will hear from heaven.  We will have His attention.  (2) He will forgive us our sins.  He will cast them as far as the east is from the west, never to be remembered against us any more. We will then start on the road to a loving, personal relationship with our Heavenly Father and His family of believers here on this earth. (3)  He will heal our land.  This healing will first be accomplished by lifting us into heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  As this is accomplished in each of us, our whole nation will be lifted up.  Our land will be healed.

I want to encourage you to do this today!  You have been away from Him long enough!  Now is the day of salvation for you!


Now that you have a newfound faith in Jesus Christ, our wonderful Lord and Savior, let me tell you about my books that will help you to grow in His grace and knowledge!




Presenting The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth

An Interactive Handbook of

Bible and Science for the



Howard Eugene Wright

Why I wrote this book!  When I realized the confusion in the church and the secular world concerning the common ground between the Bible and the sciences, I decided to “light a light rather than curse the darkness.” It was necessary to have a format that would do justice to the Bible and the sciences! After a number of years of research, I decided to approach this subject as follows: there needed to be a thorough coverage of the Bible and the sciences. Thus, the first part has over 300 “keys” to understanding the Scriptures. The second part covers real science vs. “science, falsely so-called.” The hard part was bringing the Bible and the sciences into a loving, caring “marriage.” This I have done in the third part where the Holy Bible (The Bride) and True Science (The Groom) are reenacting their “marriage.” To make this book useful, I wanted to make it into an all-purpose self-help guide. Thus, it is interactive.

As you look at the above paragraph, you will see that this book takes a different approach than others. Perhaps this is the approach that has been needed to clear the confusion that has reigned for centuries between the Bible and the sciences.


Book Review

There are a few things we need to consider before we look at the honest truth found in the Bible. In the first place, you do not have to be a theologian to understand the Bible. All you need is a desire to understand and a willingness to accept what God reveals to you through His Word.

Then, when we study the Bible we are dealing with absolute truth. Because of this, you do not need a knowledge of such things as the culture of the Bible days, geological or religious backgrounds or the languages of Greek and Hebrew to understand the Bible truths. This all helps. The Bible is its own best interpreter, and is for all cultures and generations. We can get all God wants for us by getting a good translation of the scriptures, and letting God help us to understand it. (See I Corinthians 1:18-2:16).

Beware! All the new Bible translations need to be compared to the received text or the Authorized Version (KJV) for accuracy. There are several Bible concordances, histories, dictionaries, handbooks, interlinear Bibles and word study books you can get to help you. (See Appendix A for a list of places you can find the Bible study helps.) The account of creation, found in Genesis 1 and 2, is best understood when we look at it in the light of a Universe that was unaffected by the curse of sin. Because of this, the created universe functioned differently than it does now. There was no degenerative element in the original earth before the fall of the human race. You need to think what the earth would be like if it was regenerative in nature rather than degenerative in nature.

We do not say a person is talking in circles when witnessing of a crime he saw. Why do we say the Bible is talking in circles when it records God's witnesses to us? If you are a witness to a criminal act, you must tell what you have seen to the court. The Bible is God's witness to us of Himself and His dealings with the human race. Believe it, God is not "talking in circles" on any subject He addresses!

Now let us look at 300+ "keys" to understanding the Bible. Remember the Bible deals with relational absolute truth. Bible science deals with God's revealed truth. Because of this, we do not need to prove the Bible. What we do need to do is to understand and apply the Bible to our daily life. The rest of this part of our handbook will be devoted to letting the Bible speak for itself with the "keys" to understanding the area under review. There will also be some hints on how to apply these truths to our daily living. We will follow this with some questions you can use to review the material, and gain a better insight into the concepts covered in that chapter.

In this part of our handbook, we are going to look at "good science" as well as some of our present day illusions of "science, falsely so called." We will begin by showing the "good science" and end with some examples of "science, falsely so called." We will show you how to examine the journals and textbooks that you will be using, with some examples to help you see the difference between "good science" and "science, falsely so called."

Because the field of science has to do with sound reasoning, we need to get a picture of how to keep our reasoning powers from getting side tracked. In Chapter 1, we are going to help you do this by giving you a model to follow which will enable you to test your reasoning to see if it is good or bad. (Notice: Much of what is peddled as sound reasoning is only someone's philosophy of the facts before us.) As a good scientist, you need to use sound reasoning that will give you correct premises leading you to correct conclusions. Chapter 2.1 will deal with the importance of using all of the facts at hand. Chapter 2.2 will deal with using as many senses as you can. Chapter 2.3 will show how to have your results tested by others in and out of your field. Chapter 2.4 will show you how to test scientific formulas. Chapter 2.5 will show you how to apply the tested scientific formulas to real life situations. Chapter 2.6 will talk about how to keep honest in your dealing with the material at hand. Chapter 2.7 will show you how to work with other people in non-scientific areas. Chapter 3 will give you the basic assumptions most of the good scientist is working with today. Chapter 4 will give you some results of their research. Chapter 5 will give you some good results of good science. Chapter 6 will give you some bad result of "science falsely so called". Chapter 7 will show you how to avoid the pitfalls of false science and thus help you develop a feel for good science.

When we accept God as the Creator of all things we are well on our way to developing good science. May this part of the handbook help you enjoy the wonderful things God has made.

This book is a self-help guide.  It is used to help people understand how to live a good life in this life.  It seeks to point out error and correct it.  To do this we need to ask some questions to see the problem before we get a correct solution for it.  Because the church has been so "dumped-down," you may have to go over this book slowly to get the full benefit it seeks to bring to you! If the following questions arouse anger or rage in you this book is for you.


Press Release

The Honest Truth is out of the bag and running strong!

To many people today, the skunk looks better when you put a ribbon around its neck and call it a kitten. So---Sodomites are called gays; low grade education is termed progressive; the outlaws are making the laws; the inmates are running the asylum; the old immorality is painted as the new morality; fools are passed off as experts; Godless evolutionary religion is slipped in as scientific fact; the bigots are declared to be tolerant; the instruments of death (abortionists, physicians assisting suicide) are called health doctors. Do you get the picture? Be honest, does painting the outhouse gold make it smell any better?

In the midst of all this savagery, there is a crying need for each of us to get back to the civil society our God-fearing founding fathers meant us to be. Into this kind of an upside down world a new book is being brought to our attention. It points us to a sure way out of this self-inflicted moral cesspool, which is plunging us into eternal death. In his book, "The Honest Truth: An Interactive Handbook of Bible and Science for the Non-Professional," Howard Eugene Wright peels away the lies of the cynical, Godless, caustic evolutionist. As a nation that is obsessed with death, he calls us back to a new life in our God and Savior. He tells us we need to seek the one true God, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He then proceeds to point out, with compassion and truth, the need to get back to this God and His Word, which is the source of everything that is good and right. His book is a self-help book that can be used individually or in a group setting.

The truth in "The Honest Truth: An Interactive Handbook of Bible and Science for the Non-Professional" is so simple a person with normal intelligence can understand it, with an element of logic that will be a challenge to the college professor. Its author calls on all people everywhere to consider their ways, and to make the necessary changes that will bring them into a right relationship with God and others.

"The Honest Truth: An Interactive Handbook of Bible and Science for the Non-Professional" can be purchased at any bookstore or an online retailer (, Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, etc.). The ISBN is: 0759690839. You can download your copy of The Honest Truth’s E-Book at: for $3.95 today.


The Honest Truth was featured in the May 22, 2003issue of USA Today in the book section of 1st Books Library (now Author House). 



Revised Book






        The Honest Truth was revised with many    improvements. It was published on June 2004. To get your copy of the revised version of my book under the title: "The Honest Truth: A Rational Approach to Uniting The Holy Bible and True Science," go to Xulon Press and click on their bookstore.  The ISBN is 1594675899. It may be purchased through Xulon Press, the online bookstores listed above or the bookstore of your choice. 



Howard Eugene Wright is available for book signings, interviews, and speaking engagements. He may be contacted through his website or at (620) 625-2660.

Note:  Did you find the hidden messages in the text?  If not, go back and see if you can find them.  Hint:  The letters of the messages are different.  There are three messages.

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