Poems of a Soul Set Free

by Rev. Arlene Ruth (Moore) Wright

                         OUR YOUNG PEOPLE

                    They give us many Statistics,
                    Of the young people of our day.
                    Of all the terrible suicides,
                    And how many ran away.

                    They tell us of the dope addicts
                    And the Alcoholics too.
                    Of all the riots they have caused,
                    They're rebels through and through.

                    This is a very poor picture,
                    For they see only one side.
                    What about those young people,
                    Who in God's love abide?

                    They've given their hearts to Jesus,
                    In answer to His call.
                    They gave up their life of sin,
                    And gave to God their all.

                    They too had hearts of trouble,
                    And nothing that satisfied,
                    Until they found forgiveness
                    And were Saved and Sanctified.

                    Now their hearts are free from sin.
                    They don't need drugs or such.
                    They're walking with the Master,
                    And feel His very touch.

                    Some of them have never known,
                    The awful pain of sin.
                    For early in their life they found,
                    Our God, who put peace within.

                    They talk to God just like a friend,
                    And read His Word each day.
                    They want to keep real close to Him,
                    And let Him have His way.

                    Yes, some of them, God has delivered,
                    From drugs and alcohol.
                    They found the real Deliverer,
                    Then they gave to God their all.

                    Who knows where God will lead them,
                    Some missionaries, pastors and such.
                    But also, some very fine laymen,
                    Who love God so very much.

                    So world, I want to tell you,
                    All aren't going the way of sin.
                    For they have found true happiness,
                    Where heartaches once had been.

                    Young People, I want to commend you.
                    Continue to go God's way.
                    Just keep your eyes on Jesus,
                    He'll keep you day by day.


There came a Man in Israel, 
That was different than them all. 
He talked of things eternal, 
Some followed at His call.

He stumped the Scribes and Pharisees,
And put them all to shame.
They tried to think of clever things,
He stumped them just the same.

He made the deaf to hear again,
And caused the blind to see.
He healed the lepers of their spots,
And demons had to flee.

He preached the greatest sermons,
The way that was right and wrong,
Then using a small lunch at hand,
He fed the mighty throng.

He turned the water into wine,
The crippled He set free.
He noted the small widow's mites
and walked the stormy sea.

This Man and His disciples, 
Were crossing over the sea,
When a boisterous storm arose,
But Jesus, where was He?

They found that He was sleeping,
And so very unaware,
Of the problem and the danger,
But He assured them of His care.

He arose and calmed the water,
The storm stopped at His command,
Then all was calm and peaceful,
But they couldn't understand.

"What manner of Man is this?" they cried,
How can all this be.
The winds and sea obey Him,
This Man of Galilee.

What manner of Man is this?
He is the Son of God.
He left all heaven's glory,
To travel on this sod.

He came to show the world God's love,
That's why He came to die.
So we can be set free from sin,
And see Him by and by.

He suffered on that cruel cross,
Paid the penalty for sin,
So we might be forgiven,
Have peace and joy within.

Oh, death could never hold Him,
He's the Way, the Truth, the Life,
Now He's interceding for us,
While we're in this world of strife.

What manner of Man is this?
He still lives and has control.
He saved me from my life of sin,
Put peace within my soul.

What manner of Man is this?
He heard my earnest cry,
He sent the Holy Spirit,
To cleanse and sanctify.

What manner of Man is this?
He's always just the same,
He's still healing broken bodies,
Oh, glory to His name.

What manner of Man is this?
He's returning very soon.
Will it be heaven for you, my friend?
Or will you meet your doom?

The question is to you, dear friend,
Are you where you ought to be?
When heaven's roll is called,
Will you be an absentee?

Oh yes, our God is able,
No shortage in His supply.
He has grace enough for you,
You need to just apply.

Since earthly bodies Can't contain,
God's glory or His bless,
In heaven we will really know,

by Rev. Arlene Ruth (Moore) Wright

                                  JUST TO KNOW
			Just to know that He is near me,
			As I walk the Christian way.
			Just to know that I can trust Him,
			For He keeps me everyday.

			Just to know when I am lonely,
			And my heart would tend to grieve,
			Just to know that God still loves me,
			That such comfort I receive.

			Just to know that when my body,
			Is racked and filled with pain.
			Just to know that He to suffered
			Yes, He suffered for my gain.

			Just to know when trials come,
			And I cannot see His face,
			Just to know that Christ is conqueror,
			And He'll keep me by His grace.

			Just to know Christ is my Savior,
			And He dwells within just now.
			Just to know my sin's forgiven,
			And before His face I bow.  

			Just to know my carnal nature,
			Has been killed or crucified.
			Just to know I have the blessing,
			For which cause my Savior died.

			Just to feel the inner wooing,
			Of the precious Holy Ghost.
			Just to know His cleansing power,
			Has reached unto the uttermost.

			Just to know when Satan comes,
			I have that inner brace.
			Just to know He'll keep me true,
			With Christ I'll win the race.

			Just to know that blessed Godhead,
			Has a place within my life.
			Just to know and feel God's presence,
			Although I'm in a world of strife.

			Just to know it won't be long,
			Until I'll see His face.
			Just to know until that day,
			He'll keep me by His grace.

				by Rev. Arlene Ruth (Moore) Wright